60th birthday gifts

My father is turning 60 in a few months. He isn’t taking it too well and has started to notice more and more gray hairs protruding from his scalp. His body has more aches and pains nowadays too. He’s actually dreading his birthday this year, not that I blame him. Our family has decided to throw him a surprise birthday party and make a big celebration out of it. We’re having it catered and holding it in a hotel’s conference room. Amazingly, it isn’t costing us more than $300 for everything. I have racked my brain trying to come up with some ideas for 60th birthday gifts that won’t be insulting to him. I’m hoping that the guests will not turn this into some gag gift evening that will leave him feeling even more depressed than he already is.

I haven’t found too much on games and ideas for a 60th birthday party. I don’t want it to be boring, but really – what can you do at a party when most of the guests are older and classified as boring and stuffy? I don’t want people bringing him 60th birthday gifts that are based on the age. Of course, the party shouldn’t be about bringing him gifts. It should be a celebration of the milestone he’s reached. Giving him 60th birthday gifts that are all gag items isn’t about celebrating, that’s about teasing and reminding him of all of the gray hairs he’s noticing.

I have found some really great 60th birthday gifts that I may look into getting him. I found a really nice gift basket that has items from the year of his birth. It has a CD with songs that were popular that year, a newspaper headline page, coins with the year, and some other items. It will cost almost $100, but I think that compared to some of the other 60th birthday gifts that I have found, it will be a great choice and something that he will appreciate. I also have considered putting together a nice photo album for him. I know that he doesn’t have many of his childhood photos all in one place. They are scattered around the house, stored in some old boxes, at his mother’s house, etc. A friend of mine does a wonderful job of scrapbooking, so I was thinking of asking her to help me decorate the cover of the album and perhaps some of the photos on the inside. I think that might make an incredibly meaningful 60th birthday gift.

I suppose I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope that people decide to bring some tasteful 60th birthday gifts and that the party is a huge success. Hopefully, it is the start of a new milestone and journey for him.