A day timer does several things

It’s 5 pm and I know my day has only just begun. I dash from work so that I can stop at the store and pick up groceries before catching the express bus home. Then there is dinner to be made, chores to be done, children’s homework to be supervised, bedtime to be overseen – you get the idea. At one time the idea of adding a second job to that was scary. I was lucky if I could remember to feed the pets and make it to the parent/teacher meeting let alone find time to work more. But that was before I got a day timer.

How could a day timer possibly make that much of a difference? A day timer does several things. It helps you to see where you are going, it helps you to see where you’ve been, and it helps to put everything in between into a logical order. When your eyes take in information, it helps your brain to focus on the most important thing at hand. So, when I get up in the morning, the first notes in my day timer remind me of who needs to take what materials to school for a special project and which field trip notes need to be signed. When I leave work, a quick glance reminds me of the errands that I need to complete before I can catch that last express bus. In the evening, it lets me know which projects are my priorities for the night’s work.

You may have tried using a day timer in the past and found that it didn’t work for you. There’s a secret to making a day timer work though – you have to use it regularly for at least two weeks. It is common knowledge that it takes two weeks to form a new habit. After two weeks, you’ll be using it without even thinking about it. When I first started using mine, I set aside specific times to plan (usually a couple times a week was enough but daily is even better) and precise times to refer to it. My busiest times – and sometimes most confusing times – are morning, right after work, and mid-evening. So, I started looking at what I had in my day timer at those times. Soon, it became habit. It was reassuring to see what I had accomplished and it helped me focus on the most important tasks.

Using a day timer can help you take control of your time and your life. With regular usage, you can become more organized than your ever thought possible!