Amazon Customer Support Customer Support has made significant improvements in the last couple of years. Their service phone number is available on their website, and it is possible to have a chat or talk personally to a member of the customer support team. Maybe the path to finding the number is a bit complicated, it should be made easier, so that people in time of trouble can access the number easily. They also have a toll free number for automated assistance, and a separate calling code for international customers.

Several customers have complained about the hassle of calling Customer Service. They have explained it as a frustrating and harrowing experience for the customer. The customer support team is not friendly and is often not in a position to answer any queries.

First of all, the customer service is not on the “Help” or “Contact Us” page of the website. The customer obviously looks for the contact number and wants to contact the company only if he has experienced a problem, but the search for the number itself consumes a lot of time. When he finds the number and manages to establish contact, he is put on hold for a long time again. By the time the representative answers the call, the customer is frustrated and angry just by the process.

Unfortunately the members of the customer support team of are not true representatives of the company as they are not members of the management and cannot take any decisions. Since the representative cannot answer many of the questions put forward by the customers, he feels miserable and frustrated too. Eventually, after emailing and calling again and again, the problem gets solved, but it is time-consuming and frustrating.

Now the situation has improved because it is possible to reach Amazon Customer Service directly via phone or e-mail if you click the “Contact Us” button. Also, if the customer wishes to contact the Customer Support team via phone, it is better for him to sign into, so that the customer’s account information is ready when called back. He then chooses the “Phone” tab on the contact screen and clicks “Call me”. As soon as the customer enters his phone number, it is registered and Customer Service calls back within a span of 15 minutes.

There are some self-service tools available on the website and the customer is free to explore Help topics or Help search to find topics by keyword.