American antique furniture

I have always loved American antique furniture more than anything. When I was a kid, there was an antique furniture store that specialized in American colonial furniture. While most owners of furniture stores would have balked at the idea of a rambunctious little tyke like I was running around their stores, the owners of this particular antique American furniture store welcomed me with open arms – and a few words of caution, of course. They were true collectors, and as such, they liked nothing more than to see someone take an interest in their passion. They would take me under their wing, and from an early age, they started to teach me all that they knew. They would teach me a lot about antiques in general, and American antique furniture in particular. I would love every single minute of it, and that is the truth!

Of course, as I got over, I forgot about American antique furniture for a while. I went off to college, and so I could no longer hang out around that antique store of my childhood. I was immersed in bigger and better things, and used the furniture that all college kids use – stuff garnered from Ikea and Target. Yet, I would still love, every now and then, to go down to the local antiques store and spend an hour or two just browsing through all of the varied American antique furniture, admiring every little thing that I could see. It was really a fantastic time for me, getting to indulge my passion for learning, but sometimes I longed for the world of my childhood.

When I got done with college, I almost immediately went off to start a family. I had met a girl who I was madly in love with, and together we started a house. She was an architecture buff, so I left all of those matters to her. In turn, she let me indulge my passion for decoration. As a result, the house that we first occupied was crowded top to bottom with – you guessed it – American antique furniture. There is a sofa from the turn of the century, an American empire dining room set, and an antique coffee table for the tv stand. It is really my dream home, and that is no lie. I think that I made the right choice in who I married – someone who would let me indulge my tastes.