American Express Blue

Once upon a time a credit card was perceived to be nothing more than a piece of plastic used as a convenient form of payment, and it was quite common for a consumer to stick to the same credit card for many, many years.

This has changed. The fierce competition between credit card issuers and the concomitant overabundance of credit card products have commoditized the plastic. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and decidedly less loyal. It is not uncommon for a consumer to move from one card to the next to capitalize on introductory offers, lower interest rates and better rewards. In addition to this, there is a growing demand for more – a better value proposition from the issuers, so to speak. ‘How will your product, Mr. / Ms. Issuer, add value to my life?’

American Express cottoned on to this trend earlier than anybody else – in 1999 to be exact – when they launched their American Express Blue credit card. The American Express Blue credit card offers a holistic package and it is as close to a one-size-fits-all credit card as you can find.

The American Express Blue credit card caters for young and old, for the style and status sensitive, for shoppers, travelers, rewards connoisseurs, technology junkies, economy class consumers, balance carriers and balance settlers, amongst others. Above all, the American Express Blue card is much more than a credit card: it is a ‘bookkeeper’, a travel agent, a shopping mall, a financial adviser, an ombudsman, an insurer, an emergency service, and more.
Perhaps a quick look at some of the too-many-to-list-everything features of the American Express Blue card is necessary.

• The American Express Blue credit card charges no annual fees – neither for the card, nor for the reward scheme. The balance transfer APR is a humble 4.99% for the life of the balance, and the ongoing purchase APR 12.24%. The American Express Blue card also offers a lengthy 15 month introductory offer of 0%APR on purchases. 20 interest free grace days, serve to sweeten the proposition even further. The only thing you need to watch out for is taking cash advances on your American Express Blue credit card. It comes at a hefty 23.24% APR.

• From a shopping perspective, the American Express Blue credit card does not only offer customer service around the clock, but also buyer’s assurance, purchase protection and return protection. In effect, it means that when you pay with your American Express Blue card, your purchase is safeguarded against defect, loss or damage and you are safeguarded against merchant problems.

• If travel is on your list, the American Express Blue credit card offers car rental loss and damage insurance, travel accident insurance, emergency card replacement and access to the Global Assist® Hotline. The latter offers a wide range of services to American Express Blue card holders: emergency-, legal-, and medical assistance; lost luggage support; passport and visa help, etc.

• You also get to enjoy decent discounts – both on shopping and travel.

• Finally, American Express offers financial advice and financial tools to their customers to help them better manage and control their personal finances.

More than a credit card, American Express offers real value added services to their American Express Blue credit card customers.

The RFID Credit Card Since June 2005, all American Express issued Blue credit cards have been imbedded with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponder, in addition to the traditional credit card magnetic strip. RFID technology transmits information wirelessly between two or more objects in close proximity. This means that when you make purchases at any of the American Express ExpressPay participating merchants, you simply have to tap the credit card against, or hold it an inch or two away from the RFID reader, for the goods to be charged to your card.

According to American Express, the greatest benefit of making use of an RFID system is that it speeds up transactions. Statistics gathered during the Proof of Concept and Pilot phases of the project showed that payment by the RFID Blue from American Express card is 63 percent quicker than paying by cash and 53 percent faster than paying by following the traditional credit card process.

The RFID Key Fob In conjunction with Texas Instruments RFID Systems, American Express also launched an RFID key fob that any holder of a Blue from American Express credit card is eligible for. The key fob fits onto most key chains and can be used instead of your credit card to pay for everyday purchases such as fuel and foodstuffs. This effectively means that you do not need to take your wallet with you when you go shopping.

As a Blue card holder, all purchases made via your RFID key fob, are directly charged to your credit card account. These charges will appear on your monthly credit card statement. To enable you to differentiate between purchases made by RFID key fob and by card, ExpressPay purchases are highlighted as is the name of the merchant, the date and the amount spent. A limit of $150 per day is imposed.

Should you have more than one Blue account, you can apply for an RFID key fob for every account you hold.

RFID Security As with all wireless technologies, there may be questions about the security of payment transactions using the credit card. The company assures card holders that American Express Blue credit card is very safe. In addition to a variety of security precautions, data encryption, similar to that used for the RFID chip in the US Passport, is used to ensure that privileged information is not shared. As with all American Express credit cards, holders of the Blue card with RFID are protected against fraudulent usage and theft.

The Blue from American Express credit card’s modern design, coupled with current generation features, has seen it become one of the most popular credit cards among young adults today.

1999 heralded the start of a series of ground-breaking credit card innovations, with American Express consistently as the pioneer. The first modernized product – the RFID embedded Blue from American Express credit card – was a winner, not only because of the technology, but also because of the compelling features this card offered to consumers.

Four years later, the smart card features of the Blue from American Express credit card were augmented by another industry first: ID KeeperSM, a smart card application designed specifically for their Blue from American Express credit card.

Smart Card Benefits

There are primarily two benefits associated with using the smart card technology of your Blue from American Express credit card, namely security and convenience.

Security: Credit card fraud is prolific, with the largest incidence affecting remote transactions such as those you conduct over the internet. The problem with magnetic card technology is that it is easy to copy and that it is not encoded. Your Blue from American Express credit card smart chip uses advanced encoding methods and is nearly impossible to tamper with. When you use it with your Smart Card Reader to do internet transactions, your transaction is authenticated at least twice and you completely eliminate internet threats such as “Man in the middle” and “Trojan Horses” that record and rerun user names and passwords.

Convenience: The chip on your Blue from American Express credit card stores your personal details. Hence, you no longer need to fill out forms if you don’t want to. The chip can perform that service on your behalf. The smart chip also keeps track of your favorite web sites and the applicable login details. Over and above being convenient, this also ensures that you end up on the real, and not on a purposely fraudulent website.

Activating the Smart Card Service

To take advantage of the smart card capabilities of your Blue from American Express credit card, you need to purchase a Smart Card Reader from American Express for a nominal fee. The smart card reader is a peripheral device that you connect to your PC or notebook.

To download the software, you simply insert your Blue from American Express credit card into the reader and follow the instructions on the screen. During setup, you will be able to create your own personalized profile with your preferred shopping URLs, login details for the various sites, and the other details you would normally supply when concluding an internet transaction with your Blue from American Express credit card. You will also be asked to create a PIN code for additional security.

Interestingly enough, and in spite of escalating internet fraud, Americans are lagging behind their European and Asian counterparts in engaging with the smart card capabilities embedded in the Blue from American Express credit card. It certainly is worth reconsidering your position if you have not yet obtained a reader and the ID KeeperSM software. Whilst the fraud protection you enjoy as a part of your Blue from American Express credit card package will ensure that you are not left out of pocket, there is – amongst other things – the inconvenience of dealing with a fraud claim to take into account.

Smart cards are here to stay and they will be getting better and better. Don’t be too surprised if a credit card with an in-built biometric chip (fingerprint reader) soon appears on the market: these smart cards are undergoing testing at this very moment. In fact, don’t be too surprised either if the first to launch this type of credit card is American Express. With their continuous drive to keep adding value to their customers through leveraging technology, chances are good that they will!

It is a known fact that American Express is identified as a provider of high end credit cards. Usually, most cards provided by American Express are for people with good financial status or are only for the wealthy. You have to consider that although American Express credit cards offer great benefits to its user, only people with a steady supply of money can afford to have one.

Because of this and because of the increasing demands and competition for credit cards, American Express has designed a new kind of credit card product to suit all kinds of consumers. With their American Express Blue Card, almost all people with different financial backgrounds can now afford to have the great benefits that American Express is known for.

The American Express Blue Card can provide users with more spending options without paying for an annual fee that most of American Express credit cards have. Plus, American Express Blue Card has other features that can provide you with great savings, such as the cash back feature.

Although American Express Blue Card has existed for a few years now, you have to consider that it is still very popular today, especially with young people. The Blue Card offers a lot of features and flexibility to its clients. Depending on the kind of Blue Card you get from American Express, you will get a specific benefit from it.

One such American Express Blue Card is the American Express Sky Blue. This particular American Express Blue Card allows the user to use the points accumulated from the purchases they did from the card for air travel. It’s like accumulating frequent flier points when you use this particular card.

The great thing about this card is that any dollar spent on a purchase turns to points. From purchasing gas, to paying for dinner, every dollar you spend using this card will turn to points that you can use on your travels.

Another great thing about American Express Blue Card is that instead of experiencing the hassle and delay on paying through regular credit cards by swiping the card, the American Express Blue will allow you to transact in establishments through a reader.

American Express Blue Card users also have protection and safeguards against fraudulent transactions through identity theft or through a stolen credit card. Also, the Blue Card will allow you to return purchases within 90 days and if certain establishments have a policy against returned items, you will receive a refund from American Express provided that you return the purchased goods. You also have protection from damaged or stolen items that you purchase within 90 days.

Although American Express Blue Cards may seem like the perfect credit card for you, you have to remember that like other kinds of credit cards, you need to be responsible with your purchases. You have to watch out for extra charges, such as late payments and cash advances when using this card. The Blue Card by American Express does not use the annual percentage rate to compute outstanding balances. Instead, it uses the daily scheme and can be very costly if you pay outstanding balances late.

Always remember that when using any kind of credit card and even if you are using the American Express Blue Card, you still need to be responsible regarding the usage of this card.

In today’s day and age, credit cards are considered to be one of the most important tools of society. Besides, with a credit card, you will be able to purchase the things you need even if you still don’t have the money for it. Because of the popularity of credit cards, many credit card issuers are now providing different kinds of cards for different kinds of people.

One such credit card issuer is American Express. Although American Express or AMEX is known for high end credit cards that only the wealthy can afford, they have designed another kind of credit card that many people can take advantage of and afford. This one-of-a-kind credit card is called the American Express Blue Card.

The American Express Blue Card works very much like your regular credit card. However, it offers more perks and benefits for its user for every dollar spent. The great thing about the Blue Card from American Express is that they offer different kinds of Blue Card for different kinds of people. Here are the different kinds of American Express Blue Cards available:

• American Express Blue Card
• American Express Sky Blue
• American Express Blue For Students
• American Express Blue Cash

The American Express Blue Card has existed since 1999. Ever since its release, it has been very popular among students and young adults. This is because of the benefits it offers and also the affordable rates. If you are tired of high annual fees with your regular credit card, the American Express Blue Card offers zero annual fees. Also, it has zero percent APR on the first fifteen months of issuance plus a grace period of twenty days to pay your bills. However, after the APR introductory period expires, you will find that the APR will be at 11.99 percent.

American Express Blue Card also offers a credit limit of one hundred thousand dollars. Also, the benefits and incentives it offers can be shared with other people, such as your family and friends. The great thing about sharing your benefits is that it’s completely free. They also feature a balance transfer fixed at 3.99 percent up until the balance is paid in full.

As you can see, American Express Blue Card has it all. In fact, you can even sign up for the Free Credit Rewards Program offered by American Express to their Blue Card clients. With this benefit, every dollar you spend turns to a point. After accumulating enough points, you will have a chance to redeem travel awards, retail awards, and even big discounts on your next purchases.

If you think that that all the mentioned benefits are enough to make a great credit card, then you have to think again. Aside from all the mentioned benefits, perhaps the most important benefit that American Express Blue Card provides to their clients is fraud protection. With this feature, you will be protected from fraudulent transaction using your credit card or your credit card information. This means you have a protection against identity theft. You will also be protected from damaged goods. The American Express Blue Card allows you to return purchased items within 90 days. If this is not possible, then you will be refunded with the full amount of the purchase.

These are the benefits that you can get with the American Express Blue Card. So, even if you are just a regular person with a limited amount of income, you will still be able to enjoy the benefits that credit cards can usually only give to people who can afford high end credit cards. However, you should always remember that like other kinds of credit cards, you need to be responsible with the usage of the card. Remember that credit cards are not tools for unlimited wealth. It is merely a tool that you can use to purchase things you need even if you still don’t have the money for it. You will still need to pay off the full amount every month, if not, there are interest rates you have to deal with.

In the past, credit cards were once considered to be a financial tool that only the wealthy can afford. However, because of the increasing demands for credit cards, American Express has developed a new line of credit cards that almost everyone can afford. With the American Express Blue Card, you too can own a credit card minus the hassles of paying high amount of fees that their previous line of credit cards had.

Since 1999, American Express Blue Card is still very popular among many people. However, before you apply for a Blue Card, you first need to know that American Express offers different kinds of Blue Cards to suit the needs of different kinds of people.

Here are the different kinds of Blue Cards that American Express offers:

American Express Sky Blue – This particular credit card is perfect for people who love travelling. The American Express Sky Blue is designed as a travel rewards card that will provide you with a lot of choices on travels. On normal travel rewards card, you will notice that it doesn’t really deliver what it promises. American Express Sky Blue offers no black out dates, and absolutely no travel restrictions. The Sky Blue from American Express promises people the ability to use the rewards anytime they want to and anywhere they want to go to. And, it gets even better with the zero annual percentage rate (APR) provided for fifteen months, you will enjoy big discounts on your purchases, airline tickets, vehicle rentals and even hotel stays. Plus, you even get free travel accident insurance on rental cars.

American Express Blue Cash – The American Express Blue Cash is perfect for people who want to enjoy big discounts. Or, it is simply perfect for everyone. Besides, everybody wants to have discounts on anything they purchase. American Express Blue Cash offers 5% discount on anything you purchase using the Blue Cash compared to other credit cards that can only offer 1% or 2% discounts. If you need gas for your vehicle, you get 5% off or if you want discounts on medicines, you can enjoy 5% discounts on your purchases using the Blue Cash. Everything you purchase using the American Express Blue Cash entitles you to a 5% discount on your monthly bill. The points you earn every year with Blue Cash is also very easy. Instead of worrying about redeeming your points, you will be given back your earnings in a form of big fat credit straight to your account.

American Express Jet Blue – This particular credit card is perfect for people who travels a lot via an airplane. Representing the Jet Blue Airways, you will accumulate points if you travel with Jet Blue Airways. On your first flight with the Jet Blue Airways, you will instantly enjoy 5,000 points. You can also double your points to a lot of places where you love to eat or shop.

American Express Blue Card – This card is the original of all the Blue Cards that American Express offers. Although it doesn’t have the jam packed features that Sky Blue and Blue Cash offers, this particular credit card is still a very worthy choice for many people. Here, you will enjoy zero annual percentage rate (APR) for up to 15 months. Also, there is no annual fee with the American Express Blue Card.

As you can see, you have a lot of choices on the different kinds of Blue Card that American Express offers. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose the perfect Blue Card for you. Always remember that you should still use credit cards responsibly.

Times certainly have changed for American Express. Gone are the days where the American Express card was simply a charge card that had to be paid off in full every month. Yes, the old workhorse – the green card – is still available and popular too. However, American Express decided to take MasterCard and VISA on directly by offering its own line of credit cards. These “blue” cards have been such a hit with consumers that the admired financial giant is now offering four different blue cards from which consumers can choose. Each American Express blue card is different, so let’s take a look at just what makes each one so special.

American Express Sky Blue, The Ultimate Travel Rewards Card

Sky Blue – If you are tired of all those rewards cards that promise you a weekend in Las Vegas, but can only deliver you an overnight stay in Providence, then the Sky Blue card should appeal to you. Touted by American Express as putting an end to travel reward card restrictions, Sky Blue goes where no other American Express blue card has gone before it. With absolutely no black out dates and no travel restrictions, the Sky Blue card allows for card holders to travel where they want, when they want. But, it even gets better: 0% introductory APR and no annual fee; discounts on airline tickets, hotel stays, and car rentals. You even get free coverage on rental car insurance and travel accident insurance with Sky Blue.

Blue Cash For Cold, Hard Cash

Blue Cash – If it is cold, hard cash that you want, then there isn’t a card that matches the American Express Blue Cash card. This is no 1% or 2% cash back card; the Blue Cash card is one that really works for card holders as it gives back 5% cash on just about everything you buy. Save 5% on gas. Save 5% on drugstore visits, on the bills you pay, and on so much more. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about redeeming your points as every year American Express will give you your earnings back to you in the form of a big fat credit to your account!

The Original Blue: The American Express Blue Card

Blue – The American Express Blue card was the card that got the whole blue movement rolling. Although it isn’t as power packed with the features found in Sky Blue or Blue Cash, the Blue card is still a worthy choice. If you select “Blue” you get 0% APR for up to 15 months, 4.99% APR on balance transfers for the life of the loan, and you will earn points toward the American Express free rewards program. Yes, there is no annual fee with the Blue card either!

Jet Blue: The Airline And The Card

Jet Blue – Named for the airline it represents, the American Express Jet Blue card allows card holders to accumulate points toward free Jet Blue Airways flights. Using the card the very first time nets users a cool 5,000 points right off the bat. You can also get double points at many places where you like to shop or eat.

As you have read, the competition for credit card carrying customers is heating up. With an American Express Blue Card you can receive benefits not available to customers of competing card companies. What are you waiting for? Put an American Express Blue Card in your wallet today and reap all of the rewards!

A rose may be a rose by any name, but when it comes to cash rebate cards, a cash back credit card is not a cash back credit card, at all. They differ widely in just about every conceivable way: Some are bland and uninteresting, some are completely overpriced and some have prickly thorns hidden in the rich green foliage.

There are a couple of things you simply have to ask yourself when shopping for cash rebate credit card:

• What is the APR on purchases?
• What is the annual fee?
• Are there any introductory offers?
• What is the balance transfer rate?
• What are the restrictions on the cash rebates:

o Is there a hurdle to entry?
o Is there a ceiling?
o Is there a limitation on where I have to shop to earn cash back rewards?
o Will my earnings reduce when I reach a specific point?

• Are there any ancillary benefits associated with the card?

When you start asking these questions, don’t be too surprised if the American Express Blue Cash credit card comes up either ahead of the pack or, at the very least, in the leading group. This credit card company has been working hard to ensure that holders of their American Express Blue Cash credit card receive the best of the best, and then some.

American Express Blue Cash Reward Categories

The cash back rewards offered through the American Express Blue Cash credit card is generous. Like its competitors, the American Express Blue Cash credit card differentiates between purchase types: Everyday Purchases and Other Purchases. Everyday Purchases encompass those purchases you make with your American Express Blue Cash credit card at supermarkets, gas stations and drugstores. Other Purchases cover pretty much everything else.

Unlike many of its competitors, the American Express Blue Cash credit card offers cash rebates in both of their purchase categories: In the Everyday Purchases category, you receive up to 5% bonus cash back when you swipe your American Express Blue Cash credit card and in the Other Purchases category, your receive up to 1.5% per transaction. There is no such thing as a minimum spending requirement and there is no such thing as a maximum earnings ceiling. You earn from day one, even on certain bill payments. The only exclusion is cash and cash related transactions.

American Express Blue Cash Reward Structure

The American Express Blue Cash rebate is calculated on an annual basis. If you spend $6,500 or less per year, the rates will be 1% for Everyday Purchases and 0.5% for Other Purchases. If you spend more than $6500 per year, your rebate will be 5% for Everyday Purchases and 1.5% on Other Purchases.

American Express Blue Cash Salient Features in a nutshell

• The American Express Blue Cash credit card charges no annual fee. It offers a 6-month 0% introductory APR on purchases, an ongoing purchase APR of 13.24%, and a balance transfer rate of 4.99% for the life of the balance transferred to your American Express Blue Cash credit card.

• As a holder of the American Express Blue Cash credit card, you also gain access to special travel related offers, discounts on a variety of branded merchandise, insurance, fraud protection, the 24/7 Global Assist program and Buyer’s protection, amongst others.

There are many cash back credit cards on the market today. Almost every large issuer has at least one of these credit cards in their ever growing product selections. Differentiating between these seemingly similar offers can be a tough affair until you start scratching beneath the surface.

When you do, you will find that some offer more than others. A good example of this is the American Express Blue Cash credit card.

American Express Blue Cash Financial Tools

American Express has purposely created an online financial management environment to simplify this often tedious task for holders of their credit cards.

• Account management: you can pay your American Express Blue Cash bill, monitor your account and all the transactions made against your account via the internet. This type of control is especially handy if you have issued family members or friends with American Express Blue Cash credit cards linked to your account. If you want to remain in touch on the fly, you could also avail yourself of the free American Express SMS alert service, which notifies you of any transaction made on your credit cards and provides you with a timely reminder of account payments falling due.

• Bill Payments: American Express Blue Cash credit cards are eligible for the online Bill Pay service. This service enables you to settle your bills with more than 100 companies – either as once-off or as automatic payments. To top it all, payments made in this way with your American Express Blue Cash credit cards, earn you cash back rewards.

• Year-End Summary: The year-end summary tool is extremely helpful – both from a tax preparation and budgeting perspective. It can be downloaded and printed, offers you a full year’s history and allows you to sort your expenses by category.

American Express Blue Cash Protection

American Express has a variety of measures in place to safeguard their American Express Blue Cash credit card holders in terms of:

• Merchants: Merchants whose products are not to specification and those who refuse to accept returns.

• Merchandise: Additional warranties as well as protection against damage and theft.

• Fraud: American Express Blue Cash credit cards are protected against fraudulent use, regardless of whether you shop online or in-store.

• Travel: When you travel, American Express offers you access to their Global Assist Hotline (to help with any emergencies that may come your way), as well as travel insurance and car rental accident and damage waiver protection.

American Express Blue Cash Smart Features

In addition to the financial tools and the protective measures offered by American Express to holders of their credit cards, they also offer a set of ancillary benefits that they call ‘Smart Features’. Some of the Smart Features you enjoy with American Express Blue Cash credit cards include:

• Shop Smart: Shop Smart offers savings and discounts on a wide range of brand names – from electronics all the way through to designer clothing.

• Travel: This Smart feature offers assured bookings, discounts, special offers and low rates to those holders of American Express Blue Cash credit cards who make their reservations through American Express online. When you travel and you need assistance, you can either call in at any one of their 2,200 travel services counters in more than 130 countries or call the Global Assist hotline.

Also known as AMEX, American Express is easily one of the most recognized names in the world of credit cards. Even though many people have Visa or MasterCard credit cards, they are still interested in AMEX. With Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX being the most popular and preferred types of credit cards, they are all great although there are also differences between them as well.

Both Visa and MasterCard are methods of payment. Both will allow different businesses to accept credit card payments using their systems. Neither of the two issue credit cards on their own behalf, instead they rely on banks throughout the world to issue the credit cards for them, provide the credit, and then charge the interest. Your credit card bill goes to the bank, as Visa or MasterCard doesn’t see any of it.

AMEX, on the other hand, is very different. American Express has their own payment system, and they also issue their credit cards directly to consumers. Unlike Visa and MasterCard, AMEX runs the entire show. Therefore, when a credit card says American Express on it, you instantly know who has issued the card, what payment system it has, and everything else you would need to know.

Even though MasterCard and Visa are used more throughout the world, American Express is always expanding their networks. Visa and MasterCard are used in over twenty five million locations over the world, including third world countries, which makes them global credit card payments. AMEX on the other hand, doesn’t quite reach this degree. It is a great credit card, although it isn’t used around the world in areas where the other 2 dominant credit cards are.

You can get AMEX credit cards with rewards, although you’ll need to be careful where you look and what you select. Normally, with Visa and MasterCard, you’ll have to look at hundreds of banks before you can find the best choice. With AMEX, you can look at their website and find out what they offer and what type of APR you’ll have to pay. Most of the time, you can find a credit card with low interest and a great spending limit – providing you have good credit.

AMEX also has several advantages that it offers customers in North America and Europe. The credit card is accepted widely in both areas, offering you credit cards with great features and very attractive looks. AMEX offers you great rates, good rewards, and excellent customer service as well.

American Express also offers you Blue, which is a newly introduced credit card that offers you increased security, no annual fee, and 0% APR for the first year or so. Depending on your credit, you may be able to get an extended period with no interest. After that time has expired, you pay low fees, which make it a great credit card for anyone looking for a deal. Blue is the newest card from AMEX, and will rapidly become one of the best due to its amazing features.

In the world of credit cards, American Express is one of the best. They offer you a variety of different credit cards, designed to meet just about everyone’s needs. You find them online or through a local provider, although online is the preferred way to go. Simply fill out your application, and if you have good credit, you’ll be approved. Before you know it, you’ll have a credit card from AMEX and be ready to experience life in the fast lane.

One of the chief complaints heard from consumers regarding rewards credit cards are those cards that promise the world, but restrict you from getting there. Specifically, credit cards that allow you to accumulate a large number of points within a short period of time, but when it comes time to redeeming those points for free air miles, restrictions kick in. All those points and no where to go…at least on your schedule, that is. Well, American Express is doing something about all of that and its recently introduced American Express Blue Sky card is certainly getting a lot of attention. American Express is saying “farewell” to travel rewards restrictions and you can too. Please read on for all the exciting details!

Restrictions: Who Needs Them?

Planning a trip can be enough of a hassle without worrying about rewards credit cards restrictions. Arranging time off from work, booking the hotel room, renting a car, and more is half the battle with the other half of the time spent trying to figure out which dates you can fly on. Oh, sure, you can fly whenever you want, but not if you are relying on redeeming your rewards credit card points. In most case, blackout periods will determine when/if you can fly. Getting there can be hassle because of redemption restrictions.

Fortunately, the American Express Blue Sky card has changed all of that. If you have the Blue Sky card you can:

Travel where you want, when you want: there are absolutely no blackout dates or travel restrictions. That means you can fly to Paris at the height of tourism season or to Honolulu whenever you want. No restrictions on renting a car, booking a hotel room, taking a cruise, etc.

Be free of fees: no annual fee and a 0% APR introductory rate for the first six months.

Accumulate points fast: Spend one dollar and get one point. On everything!

Benefits Beyond the Standard Package

The American Express Blue Sky card offers many other benefits well beyond the typical rewards card. They include:

Express Cash: When you need cash on hand, you can visit one of over 500,000 automatic teller machines and access your credit line. This can be helpful especially when you need cash to tip your porter or pay for a taxi.

Insurance: When you charge your cruise, flight, rail, or bus ticket to your American Express Blue Sky card you are automatically covered for up to $100,000 for accidental death or dismemberment.

Car Rental Loss/Damage Insurance: Paying $8-$16 per day for rental insurance on cars is a thing of the past when you charge your car rental on your American Express Blue Sky card. For a one week rental, that can mean big savings for you!

Clearly, the American Express is addressing the number one complaint consumers have had with airline credit cards by removing blackout dates and travel restrictions with the Blue Sky card offer.