American Express Credit Card

The American Express credit card had been around since 1850 since then the American Express credit card has seen it good quarters and it fare share of bad quarters as well. Yet, a well-established company that is willing to help people receive a credit card that will suite everyone’s individual needs. They have been around long enough that, the American Express Credit Card Company knows what kind of fees are going to be feasible for the average person to be able to afford with out going into credit card debt shortly after they receive a credit card.

The American Express credit card has a variety of different types of credit cards so that everyone would find a credit card for all their needs. You are able to apply for an American Express credit card for the individual person. When you start to look at the different personal American Express credit cards you are going to see more than just one kind of credit card that you are able to use. You are going to see that the American Express credit card offers you to have cash back, traveling, and even a savings award. You are going to want to have an idea to what you are looking for in a credit card from American Express. That way there you are going to have an idea of what you are wanting in return from the use of the credit card.

The American Express credit card also offers a credit card for the small business owners that are out there as well. With the small business credit cards, the business owner can enjoy American Express’s many benefits. The American Express credit card even offers rewards for the small business owners just like the credit cards for the personal solutions. You can receive a credit card with cash back, airline awards, travel and shopping rewards. You are going to be able to choose credit cards that will suite your company in the best way possible. They do even offer credit cards with no pre-set limit, low introduction APR, complimentary first year, and no annual fee for the small business in the country.

When you are looking for a credit card for yourself or for your small business you may want to check out what the American Express credit card has to offer you. There is a couple of different kinds of credit cards that are offered through the American Express company offering you a credit card that is going to fit all of your needs as for as the use and fees of a credit card has to offer. If you are going to choose to apply for a credit card from the American Express, you are even going to know that you are going to choose a company that has a history of over 150 years in service. That would help you feel a little better about choosing a credit card company that has a steady history that they are not afraid to share with anyone.

In the financial world, American Express or AMEX is one of the most widely renowned names. If you have a credit card in your wallet, chances are you own a credit card that has a VISA or MasterCard seal in it.

MasterCard and VISA rely on partnerships from different banks in the world and do not issue a credit card of their own. What these companies do is they are simply selling their payment methods.

MasterCard and VISA charge their partners a fee for using the payment systems in order to make money. Both these companies do not issue credit cards. It is important to remember that VISA and MasterCard are only payment systems used by thousands of banks worldwide.

In American Express, they have both the payment methods and issue their own credit cards.

This means American Express runs everything and is independent from credit card companies like VISA and MasterCard. They don’t need to rely on the payment systems of VISA and MasterCard because they already have their own payment systems for their credit cards.

VISA and MasterCard is by far, a more accepted payment method for a lot of people. This is because these two companies operate in around 20 million locations worldwide. However, American Express is more difficult to use because they still don’t have the payment systems that these other two companies have.

But, American Express is now upgrading their payment systems and considering opening up payment methods in other countries.

However, American Express has its advantages. American Express is widely popular in North America and Europe where this credit card can offer great credit card deals. Then can offer very attractive rates, great rewards, and also great customer service.

American Express is unique in its own way. Because of the great offers and great rates, American Express credit cards are well on its way to become one of the most popular credit cards used by people. American Express offers the “blue” card where it is gaining popularity for a lot of consumers in North American and in Europe.

They offer four different blue cards where it is different from each other. Here are the different blue cards that American Express offers their clients:

-American Express Sky Blue

The Sky Blue card that American Express offer is one of the best travel rewards card you can ever have. They offer great traveling benefits to their clients. It offers no black out dates and also no travel restrictions unlike other travel cards you would find in the market. This will mean that a Sky Blue card holder will be allowed to travel wherever they want and whenever they want. Not only that, the Sky Blue card offers 0% introductory APR and no annual fee.

Additional benefits of the Sky Blue card include airline tickets discounts, car rentals, hotel stays, and you can even have an insurance coverage for the rental card and travel accident.

-American Express Blue Cash

Blue Cash is also one of the best credit cards that American Express offers. The benefits get as much as 5% cash back from anything they purchase with a Blue Cash card unlike the 1% or 2% cash back cards from other credit card companies.

-American Express Blue Card

The Blue Card is the original card offered by American Express. Although it doesn’t have much of the features that the Blue Cash and Sky Blue cards offer, the original Blue Card is still a great choice. The Blue Card offers 0% APR up to 15 months. Other benefits are 4.99% APR on balance transfers and it also has great rewards program that can match other rewards program offered by other credit cards. Also, there is no annual fee with the Blue Card.

-American Express Jet Blue

The Jet Blue Card American Express offer gives you points whenever you use it to fly on Jet Blue Airways. For the first time users of Jet Blue, they will instantly get 5,000 points.

American Express truly gives what you want in a credit card. So, if you want a credit card with great benefits, great rates and great customer service, try getting an American Express credit card.

Also familiar as AMEX, American Express is feeble one of the mightily accepted names in the sphere of assume cards. Even though prevalent people have Visa or MasterCard credit cards, they are still interested in AMEX. With Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX being the most popular and preferred types of credit cards, they are all great although there are also differences between them as well.

Both Visa and MasterCard are methods of payment. Both consign authorize differential businesses to surmise presume describe payments using their systems. Neither of the two clock in credit cards on their own behalf, instead they rely on banks throughout the world to issue the credit cards for them, provide the credit, and then charge the interest. Your credit card bill goes to the bank, as Visa or MasterCard doesn?t see any of it.

AMEX on the incommensurable hand, is too much different. American Express has their bear hard cash system, and they also break through their presume cards directly to consumers. Unlike Visa and MasterCard, AMEX runs the entire show. Therefore, when a credit card says American Express on it, you instantly know who has issued the card, what payment system it has, and everything else you would need to know.

Even though MasterCard and Visa are used supplementary throughout the world, American Express is always expanding their networks. Visa and MasterCard are used in over twenty five million locations due to the world, including interrogatory earth countries, which makes them extensive surmise card payments. AMEX on the other hand, doesn?t quite reach this degree. It is a great credit card, although it isn?t used around the world in areas where the other 2 dominant credit cards are.

You can effect AMEX assume cards with rewards, although you?ll craving to be judicial where you look-see and what you select. Normally, with Visa and MasterCard, you?ll have to introspection at hundreds of banks before you can gem the best choice. With AMEX, you can look at their website and find out what they offer and what type of APR you?ll have to pay. Most of the time, you can find a credit card with low interest and a great spending limit – providing you have good credit.

AMEX and has several advantages that it offers customers in North America and Europe. The assume finger is average widely in both areas, charity you assume cards with great features and very attractive looks. AMEX offers you great rates, good rewards, and excellent customer service as well.

American Express further offers you Blue, which is a newly introduced surmise separate that offers you further security, no journal fee, and 0% APR for the best year or so. Depending on your credit, you may be resultant to get an extended period with no interest. After that time has expired, you pay low fees, which makes it a great credit card for anyone looking for a deal. Blue is the newest card from AMEX, and will rapidly become one of the best – due to it?s amazing features.

In the nature of conjecture cards, American Express is one of the best. They quote you a change of contrary conjecture cards, designed to stockpile just about everyone?s needs. You find them online or through a local provider, although online is the preferred way to go. Simply fill out your application, and if you have good credit, you?ll be approved. Before you know it, you?ll have a credit card from AMEX – and be ready to experience life in the fast lane.

Have you ever eaten at an expensive restaurant in a foreign country and watched as the waiter sneered at your Visa or MasterCard? Believe it or not, this is a common experience for international travelers, especially those who finance the trip with their business credit card. In the United States, currency is currency, but in other countries, how you pay can have a direct effect on the service you receive. Founded in 1850, American Express has grown into the preferred financial center overseas, and provides a variety of options for international travelers.

Hotels, Retailers & Restaurants

When traveling internationally, it is always preferable to have your American Express card handy for purchases at hotels, retailers and restaurants. Business owners and their employees have come to trust the American Express name, and while some accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover, many establishments frown on the use of these credit cards. Since there are thousands of financial centers in nearly every country, business owners feel comfortable accepting American Express, which gives you an advantage when shopping, eating and sleeping in foreign countries.

If you have a card like the Hilton HHonors Platinum Credit Card from American Express, you can also earn reward points for free hotel stays, free airline tickets and discounts on travel vacation packages. The JetBlue and Blue Sky cards have similar advantages.

Cashing Checks

If you have an American Express Credit Card, your overseas banking will be made much easier. Most American Express financial centers will cash personal checks of up to $1,000 for regular card holders, and up to $5,000 for gold card members. They can also provide simple, fast currency exchanges and money transfers.

While it is always a good idea to have your bank information with you wherever you travel, having an American Express credit card acts like an extension of your personal bank. Running out of cash in a foreign country is terrifying, and something to avoid wherever possible. If you have your American Express credit card, you can receive cash advances and money transfers at financial centers.

Flights & Rental Cars

Business travel is one of the most stressful aspects of a professional’s career, and if travel is a large part of your career, then an American Express credit card can cut anxiety to a minimum. If you use the same card for your flights and rental cars as with other purchases in foreign countries, you have much less paperwork to sort through when it comes time to file expense reports. Using American Express can also make delayed and canceled flights less of a problem. When your flight is canceled, the airline can simply refund your money directly to the card, rather than forcing you to wait weeks or even months for a check to come in the mail.

American Express also offers airline reward cards, such as the Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card. International travel earns the maximum number of bonus miles for future flights, and unlike other airline reward cards, your SkyMiles never expire. When you book a flight using the SkyMiles card, you never have to worry about blackout dates, which can be a wonderful bonus for frequent international travelers.

Business Credit Cards

American Express offers a variety of business credit cards, ranging from those fit for small businesses to cards that benefit large corporations. Foreign countries are just as respectful of business cards as with personal cards, and in many cases, the benefits are even better. If your business or the company that employs you requires consistent travel, there may be more rewards available than when each employee uses his or her own credit card. For example, the Platinum Business FreedomPass Credit Card from American Express, each card earns points toward rewards, including free travel and accommodations. So if twelve employees have copies of the FreedomPass Credit Card, the business is rewarded twelve times over.

Having a business credit card from American Express can also make employees much more comfortable with International travel. Rather than charging expenses to their own account and filing an expense report later, the company is billed directly, allowing employees to feel safe. American Express is not the only credit card company to offer travel and cash rewards, but it is the only one that is accepted by almost every overseas vendor. While international travelers will find that some businesses require cash, there is always a place to retrieve money when funds run low, and travelers can feel comfortable knowing that their finances are secure.

American Express and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. launch the Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card for small business owners and the enhanced Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card for consumers.

Cardmembers can take advantage of greater benefits and richer rewards, making it easier than ever for consumers, and now small business owners, to earn free nights at more than 825 Starwood hotels and resorts around the world and award flights with more than 30 airline partners.

Credit Card Features:

10,000 Starpoints bonus with first purchase ? enough for up to three free nights(1)

Double Starpoints on stays at participating Starwood Hotels & Resorts and purchases at select Starwood retail outlets, such as Bliss Spa and more(2)

Automatic upgrade to Gold Preferred Guest membership status by spending $30,000 on the Card in each calendar year. Access to private sales with select Starwood retail outlets.

The new Business Card incorporates all of the improved benefits of the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card, as well as programs and services tailored specifically to the needs of small business owners, including the OPEN Savings(SM) program which was designed specifically for small businesses and gives automatic discounts on purchases at OPEN Savings(3) partners, such as Delta, FedEx Kinko’s and JetBlue. In addition, the Business Card provides expense management reporting, an online spend tracking system and spending limits on additional cards that aid in better managing employee spending.

Credit Card Benefits:

One (1) Starpoint for every eligible dollar spent on the Card

Redeem Starpoints at over 825 participating Starwood hotels and resorts in 95 countries with no black out dates? if there’s a standard room it’s yours.

Transfer Starpoints to over 30 frequent flyer programs, most on a one-to-one basis

Receive 5,000 Starpoint bonus when you transfer 20,000 Starpoints to miles(4)

First year fee-free, and $30 annual fee thereafter; fee-free additional cards

Automatic enrollment as a Starwood Preferred Plus member

Receive a 50% off certificate, good towards a Starwood hotel stay, upon Card approval and annual renewal

No limit on the amount of Starpoints a Cardmember can earn

Competitive Introductory purchase Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for six (6) months

Retail and travel protections such as Global Assist, Car Rental Loss & Damage Insurance, Purchase Protection Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, American Express Card Baggage Insurance, Buyers Assurance Plan, Express Cash Emergency Card Replacement, Emergency Check Cashing, and 24-hour customer service.

The new Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card and enhancement to the Consumer Card are an expansion of the existing relationship between Starwood and American Express. The new Cards make it easier than ever for consumers and small business owners to quickly earn exceptional travel rewards through spending on their cards. Starwood and American Express have enjoyed a strong cobranded card partnership since 1996, when American Express first launched the ITT Sheraton ClubMiles Card.

Credit Card Benefits Eligibility Requirements:

(1) To be eligible to receive 10,000 bonus Starpoints, you must make your first purchase with the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card within one year of Card approval. Bonus Points will appear on your Starwood Preferred Guest statement 8-12 weeks after your first purchase. Bonus Starpoints are for first-time Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Cardmembers only. You may have more than one Starwood Preferred Guest account, however, if you have or had any such account you are not eligible to receive bonus Starpoints you may be offered for any other such account.

(2) You will receive one additional Starpoint for each U.S. dollar of Eligible Spending charged on your Card Account at Starwood branded hotels and resorts then participating in the Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program, and at stand-along retail establishments and on-line stores that, in each case, are wholly-owned by Starwood Hotels and resorts Worldwide, Inc.

(3) OPEN Savings(SM): Payment must be made with an American Express Business Card. Savings will be credited to your American Express Business Card billing statement. All savings referenced are in addition to any offers made by participating companies. Participation and offers are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

(4) A 5,000 Starpoint bonus is based on airlines with a 1 Starpoint to 1 mile conversion rate; equivalent bonus will be awarded in accordance with other airline conversion rates.

American Express vacations says Yosemite National Park is perhaps the best of the best when it comes to national park and it’s certainly one of the most famous national parks in the world. Travelers come from hundreds of different countries to experience the natural wonder. But with so much to see and do, the best way to experience all of Yosemite is through a guided tour. These guided tours offer informative guides, who highlight the most important sights and adding important information to make the history more relevant. In addition, guided tours stay at some of the best accommodations, and can offer great advice for dining and additional activities.

What to See

One of the first things American Express travel customers usually mention is the incredible Sequoia Forest. The forest is thousands of years old and has some of the largest trees that can be found anywhere in the world. Reaching over 100 feet at times, the trees are so tall that the forest is in shade for the large majority.

There are several ways to enjoy the beauty of the forest. For the more active traveler, there are hikes and walks to experience these majestic giants up close. For those who desire to experience the forest in relaxed luxury, American Express travel also offer bus tours.

The Yosemite Valley Floor is where travelers experience perhaps the most famous sights of Yosemite. First, travelers can take a guided bus tour. Typically the first sight visited is Half Dome–enormously popular with travelers. Travelers can stop and hike to the top of Half Dome, although this is only recommended for serious outdoors travelers, as it is extremely strenuous. This mountaintop offers a number of fantastic photo opportunities. The next two sights to experience are the famed Bridal Falls and Yosemite Falls. Bridal Falls, so named for the pure white color and the similar form of a bride’s veil, can be seen on a bus tour as well. The hike to the falls is long, but worth it. Yosemite Falls is also amazing. While this falls can be seen on the bus tour, the hike to the falls is said to be one of the most enjoyable and scenic hikes in all of Yosemite.

What to Do

Besides the sight seeing, there is a lot to do in Yosemite. Hiking is one of the most popular pastimes of Yosemite enthusiasts, and there are literally hundreds of trails available for hikers with different skill levels. From novice to expert, there is a trail for everyone.

Fishing is also very popular in Yosemite. The Merced River is popular with fly fishermen, and there are several lakes within the park that are stocked with Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and others. In addition to fishing, river rafting and inter tube floating are also a fun activity that can be experienced on the Merced River. Swimming can also be done is several lakes, although none of Yosemite’s water is safe to drink due to parasites. There are also several horse ranches in Yosemite that cater to novice riders. Tour Yosemite the classic western way–on horseback.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder there are a number of American Express Exclusive deals made with Yosemite Tour providers. The combination of sight seeing, deluxe accommodations and the ability to add on even more activities makes touring the best way to experience Yosemite National Park.

Often called the Sunshine State, Florida’s state identity could be more accurately called the Tourist State. Centered in tourism with big attractions like the Everglades National Park, chic South Beach, and family friendly Disney World, Florida has a created a name for itself within the travel sector. Florida offers so much more than meets the eye and offers one of the amazingly vast arrays of vacation choices in the entire world. American Express Vacations is one of the few travel operators who offers packages, which hit most of the state’s attractions.

Everglades National Park is one of Florida’s not to be missed attractions. Protecting more than 1.5 million acres, Everglades National Park is the 3rd largest national park in the lower 48 states. The area is home to rare and endangered species, such as the American crocodile, Florida panther, and West Indian manatee. Over 1,000 species of plants live here. During the dry season, November to May, most facilities are open and a full range of tours and programs are available to enjoy. Make sure to tour the Royal Palm Trail. This walk is great for spotting wildlife, especially in the dry season. Shark Valley Tram Tours are also entertaining. This guided two-hour narrated tram tour provides a great opportunity to see wildlife. American Express Tours suggests that travelers use this tour during wet season in order to escape the heat and bugs.

South Beach has gone through numerous man-made and natural changes over the years, including a booming regional economy and a growing tourism sector. In the late 1980s, a renaissance began in South Beach, with an influx of fashion industry professionals moving into the area. Most major modeling agencies had offices in South Beach, and fashion photographers frequently used the area as a backdrop for their photo shoots.Housing some of the biggest names in fame and fortune, South Beach has become a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants and oceanfront hotels. The area is popular with both American and international tourists.

Disney World is a must-see for any traveler, and contains so many attractions it can take at least a whole week to visit them all. Disney World has 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, several beautifully themed resort hotels, and golf courses. Each Park offers a unique adventure. In the Magic Kingdom, experience traditional Disney. In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, get up-close with some of the most exotic animals from all seven continents. At Disney’s MGM studios, experience the magic of the movies. Explore the technological world of today and tomorrow at Epcot Center. Each theme park, as well as many of the resorts, has so many dining options that every traveler can find something appetizing. When combined with the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks, its pristine golf courses, and other surrounding attractions, the Disney property provides plenty of fun for all ages.

Keep in mind Florida has a high occurrence of hurricanes. You might want to check the Hurricane safety page if you are visiting Florida. Beware of lightning in the north central part of the state, especially Dixie County, the state’s lightning capital. Volusia County is known for a high number of shark attacks, so be careful when surfing. Also, there is a high occurrence of tornadoes in Florida. When traveling to Florida, consider using American Express Travel because they offer some of the best natural disaster traveler insurance.

When Southern Californians have a small budget and a desire to see the exotic sights and sounds of another country, travel agents suggest one of numerous destinations in beautiful Mexico. Mexico is a great vacation spot for several reasons. Mexico is in America’s backyard, making it reasonably safer for US citizens than other areas of the globe. This also means that depending on where you’re departing from; the actual travel time is more appealing and manageable than some other international destinations. Besides being easily accessible, Mexico has a wide variety of sights to entertain American travelers. From the beautiful beaches, to historical cities, to the archeological sites of cultures such as the Maya, Olmeca and Azteca, plus incredible deserts, mountains, forests and the most modern of cities, Mexico, has something to offer everyone.

Relaxation, Entertainment and Ancient Ruins

For the traveler who enjoys urban sights and spirited nightlife, consider visiting some of the popular Mexican cities, such as the capital city of Mexico City, Tijuana or Guadalajara. But if you really want to visit the active Mexican party scene, book a trip Cancun, Cozumel, or the Riviera Maya. These destinations have some of the most spectacular and unspoiled beaches and some have all-inclusive resorts. One price covers food, entertainment and drinks allowing you to put one price on your entire vacation.

One of the best places to travel is the Yucatan. Yucatan offers an ideal mix of Maya culture. Great weather and some of the world’s best snorkeling and diving. Yucatan offers all the diverse sights of Mexico in one place. And American Express vacations offers exclusive packages to Yucatan created especially with the American traveler in mind. But if your real passion is ancient cultures, then San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas is for you. This popular Mexican tourist resort offers a view of the indigenous Mayan peoples in a beautiful ancient city.

All-Inclusive Resorts and Where to Find Them

Mexico all-inclusive resorts can be less expensive than similar Caribbean resorts. Alcoholic beverages can be inexpensive in Mexico, at least compared to some destinations. From the inexpensive 3-star hotels to luxurious all-inclusive resorts, Mexico is the perfect choice for all budgets.

Some of the better travel packages to Mexico offer prices for the budget traveler as well as the higher end traveler. If you are willing to take the time and research your vacation you may be surprised at the great value you can find your vacations dollars. For one of the best overall values for a Mexican vacation, you should consider exploring some American Express travel deals. These packages are an excellent choice because you receive more luxury for your money not to mention nearly 60 local American Express Travel offices to help you if you need assistance.

From a traveler’s point of view, Aruba can be divided into two coasts. The southeast coast has the white sand beaches, turquoise seas, and warm waters. The northwest coast is exposed to the Atlantic, and therefore has rougher seas with treacherous currents and a rockier coastline. These two extremes contribute to Aruba’s growing reputation for being a “Desert Paradise.”

Weather in Aruba

Unlike a desert, Aruba’s weather is mostly the same, having no extremes and being fairly constant. But because of its more southern location in the Caribbean, the heat of the sun can be stronger than other Caribbean islands. A constant light breeze tempers the hot sun to create a cooling effect. The lack of rain is what really marks Aruba as a desert paradise. Most other Caribbean islands have a wet season and are prone to storms and hurricanes. Yet according to the information gathered by American Express Travel, the weather is almost always dry in Aruba, with most rain showers coming at night and lasting only a little while. Aruba is also on the outer hurricane zone, meaning it is rarely hit or affected by other storms.

With this lack of rain comes a lack of the lush vegetation that the other Caribbean islands are known for. The combination of comparatively sparcse vegetation, and the seemingly endless beach, Aruba is definitely a desert island. But all things considered, Aruba is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Most tourists see Aruba as remotely luxurious. And while this island of endless sand seems a bit like a desert, the waters bloom with tropical fish, perfect for diving, snorkeling, and fishing.

How Much Does it Cost and How to Save Money

Some travelers consider Aruba a relatively expensive place to go. However, while Aruba flights tend to be more expensive, hotels are often better deals. Unlike the Florida Keys or the Bahamas, Aruba is a long flight from almost all major airports. Aruba’s pricing is best described as moderate, offering both upscale and moderate accommodations and packages. There are some upscale hotels in Aruba who offer American Express Travel Deals, bringing the high end pricing down to something more reasonable. If you plan to do a lot of activities or dine out a lot, it’s a good idea to purchase a Visit Aruba discount card. With this card you can get deals in a lot of places, sometimes a 5-10% discount. You can also take a look at Free Discount Coupons to save some money. American dollars are accepted virtually everywhere at a decent exchange rate. The exchange rate given in shops is about 1.75 florins to the dollar.

Like most island destinations, American Express Travel representatives say that groceries and other supplies are all imported from elsewhere, so prices tend to be high. Ling & Sons Grocery is the closest to the resort area which has good prices, high quality and is one of the least known to tourists.

With some much attention being given to Northern Californian, there are new American Express Travel deals that are now available for travelers interested in seeing the many wonders of Northern California. Northern California is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for travelers interested in seeing more of the United States. Northern California is perfect for any type of travel enthusiast and has something to offer travelers of all ages. But Northern California is especially popular with travelers who are interested in the colorful and diverse history of the state.

Hearst’s Castle

According to American Express Travel, the most popular tourist attraction in Northern California is located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Hearst’s Castle is a resplendent estate left to the state of California as a California state park. Publisher William Randolph Hearst’s 165-room estate was designed by noted Bay Area architect Julia Morgan. The Castle was built between 1919 and 1947 and was a popular destination for some of the most famous stars of classic Hollywood.

“It was so moving, so breathtaking, so amazing. I almost couldn’t believe that what I was seeing was for real. I was nearly moved to tears by the sheer majesty,” says Georgia Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing for AMT Wedding Division. The Castle can only be viewed by taking one of four distinct guided tours offered daily. Evening tours are offered during the spring, fall and select holidays. The Castle is created out of ancient art and architecture that was imported from all over the world. Hearst’s Castle is one mansion of history you don’t want to miss.

San Francisco

Just north of Los Angles and Hollywood is San Francisco. The Bay area has a colorful past, and offers its tourist a wide variety of sights and entertainment. The most famous sight is the Golden Gate Bridge. Drive on it to read Golden Gate Park, where the best photographers go to find the best shots of the Gate.

In San Francisco itself, explore Fisherman’s Warf. Pier 39 offers breathtaking views of San Francisco, the Bay, and Golden Gate Bridges, along with more than 110 unique shops and 13 restaurants. Pier 39 is home to the Riptide Arcade, the Aquarium of the Bay, and the famous sea lions that populate the beaches. Take a cruise to the infamous Alcatraz Prison, where Al Capon himself once stayed. Take tours of China Town, Nob Hill and Haight-Ashbury. And don’t miss the high-class cuisine, the moving nightclubs and city ghost tours for evening entertainment. With so much to see and do, you’ll never be bored.


Sacramento is the capitol of California, and offers a number of entertaining attractions. A Sacramento trip is not complete without taking a tour of the capital building. This 19th-century granite building is modeled after the U.S. Capitol. The capital is also home to the California Legislature and houses a public museum.

Make a stop to nearby old town Sacramento. This historic area consists of restored buildings, museums about the gold rush of 1849 and novelty shops, including hand made candy, brings life to the Sacramento waterfront. There are even play actors who will engross you in the rich history of the state. This is a must see for all history enthusiasts. Just thirty minutes away is a recreation of Sutter’s mill, the first place gold was discovered in California. You too can mine for gold, and there are several serious gold prospectors who populate this area still.

With so much to see and experience, the history of Northern California is rich and unique. American Express Travel tells us it’s worth your time to get away and experience this part of California.

Hawaii is rated one of the most popular vacation destination for American travelers by Ask Doc Travel. This destination is also popular with American Express Vacations. But why? What makes this destination so wonderful? For those of us who have traveled to Hawaii, there are so many reasons to visit that we become muddled, answering only “What do you mean what’s so great about Hawaii?” Well, here is some things to keep in mind when you speak of the many wonders which make Hawaii such a popular destination.

Hawaii is comprised of eight islands. These islands are natural wonders that were created in the middle of the ocean by underwater volcanoes. As the magma from these volcanoes cooled, they hardened into rocks. These rock formations became the Hawaiian Islands. The volcanic phenomenon created Hawaii’s famous black sand beaches and the rich soil from which springs the islands lush vegetation. These main islands are Niihau, Kauai , Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and Hawaii. The island Hawaii is the largest, and is sometimes called the “Big Island” or “Big Isle”. This phenomenon created Hawaii’s famous black sand beaches and the rich soil from which springs the islands lush vegetation.

The climate of Hawaii is one more reason why these islands remain a popular vacation destination. The weather is more moderate than typical tropical areas because of the cooling effect of the surrounding ocean. In layman’s terms, this means that temperatures and humidity tend to be less extreme than places such as the Caribbean or Mexico. In the tourist high season, summer, the high temperatures reaching the upper 80s °F, rarely going into the 90s°F . During the tourist low season of winter, temperatures at the lowest elevation average in the mid-60s. One more reason that Hawaii is preferred is because hurricanes are a rare occurrence compared to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Compared to other tropical paradises, Hawaii is monitored by American safety and health regulations. Yes, it’s ok to drink the tap water! Also, you still have all the rights and protections of a United States citizen. If you or someone you are traveling with should suddenly need medical attention, you have access to regulated and state of the art care. Hawaii can be a real home away from home.

When people think of Hawaii, they think of the aquamarine water and clean sandy beaches. But what else should one experience in Hawaii? Besides the amazingly pristine beach activities, Hawaii offers deluxe shopping that is reminiscent of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, including couture boutiques such as Coach, Gucci, Tiffany’s and more. The islands are also rich in culture and history. One way to experience the beauty of Hawaiian culture is to attend an old fashioned luau. One of the best traditional Luaus is Famous Germaine’s Luau in Kapolei Oahu. Take in some American History by visiting the infamous Pearl Harbor. With so much to see and do, you’ll never get bored.

There is one snag in this otherwise amazing destination: cost. Because Hawaii is an isolated island chain, everything is more expensive. And because Hawaii is the 50th American state, there is no lower currency exchange like in the Caribbean. Thankfully, there are a number of hotel and travel providers who offer different packages and accommodations. Although hotels and air flights can be on sale and are widely available, consumer products like food, souvenirs and sundries are expensive. Food for one person could cost between $50 to $100! One way to avoid expenses is by making sure you pack all the sundries you can think of, such as sunblock, ChapStick, sunglasses and such.

However, when all is said and done, Hawaii is a top destination for a number of good reasons. There is no better place to go for a tropical vacation.

Thanks to the growing popularity of the wilderness resort, there are a number of American Express travel Deals available to travelers looking for outdoor beauty. But with the public’s growing demand, comes a need for travel agents to be able to recommend specific sights, resorts and activities to offer value their clients. New research has uncovered some amazing resorts, with varying degrees of luxury and value in an area called the June Lake Loop located in Mono County, California.

For the Rugged Traveler

Down route US 395, about 70 miles from the small city Bishop, tells us travelers see the most beautiful scenic loop by far: The June Lake Loop. This green and richly forested area is home to four large lakes. This beautiful area includes June Lake, noted for its rich cobalt blues and aquamarine streaks, Gull Lake, known for its California Sea Gull population, Silver Lake, known for its glassy and silvery color and Grant Lake is also the largest lake in the most barren part of the area. The Loop has six campgrounds, three named for June Lake, Gull Lake and Sliver Lake: Oh! Ridge, Reversed Creek and Walker Lake. The campgrounds are a great value, costing only $12 a day and are great for travelers wishing to experience the Eastern Sierras in its most natural and rugged setting. Reservations are recommended, but not required.

For the More Reserved Traveler

Not all travelers are up to sleeping on the ground under the stars. But in June Lake, there are a number of motels, which are privately held, offering varying levels of comfort and value. For travelers who wish to experience the beauty of the surrounding nature with some of the comforts allowed to modern travelers, recommends its clients check out the Silver Lake Resort. This resort was originally established in 1916, and offers private, one-bedroom cabins with a bed, a bathroom, a kitchenette, and in some cases, a television with cable. Cabins start at about $125 a night and range to $230 a night. The smaller cabins sleep two and the larger cabins sleep eight.

For the Luxury Traveler

The June Lake Loop has boomed in resent years and is now beginning to attract visitors with a taste for luxury. A number of privately held mansions and condos have sprung up, and some are available to rent on a weekly basis. For visitors interested in experiencing nature in the lap of luxury, try the Double Eagle Resort and Spa. Their Deluxe Two Bedroom Cabins have a wood burring fireplace, fully equipped kitchens, a furnished living room, TV/VCR, telephones, a king or queen in at least one bedroom, outside decks with furnishings and a barbecue. All of the cabins have breath taking views of the near by Carson Peak. A full service spa and health and fitness center is also on the property. There are also several activities available to guests, including horseback riding, hiking, lead nature walks and rock climbing.

There are so many choices for travelers who wish to experience the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. From camping to resorts, there are accommodations for every type of traveler. There are a number of American Express Exclusives offered to anyone interested in staying in a non-government run resort in the June Lake Loop. This destination is becoming a hot spot for worldwide travelers who wish to experience near by Mammoth Mountain or Yosemite National Park.