American flag t shirt

There are several occasions that call for an American flag t shirt. These include Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July as well as other patriotic events throughout the year. While the typical tee is great for guys, ladies might want to find an American flag t shirt that boasts a little feminine charm. Following are three great picks for women’s tees with a patriotic theme.

Who says that an American flag t shirt has to be red, white and blue? I found a great patriotic baseball jersey that comes in pink, white and powder blue. This adorable American flag t shirt takes the traditional flag and makes it remarkably feminine just by using pastel colors.

The baseball jersey is white with pink sleeves. The flag is centered in the middle of the chest and it is exactly like our traditional flag except the colors. The blue field is still blue but it is a light version. The stars and alternate stripes are white as in a usual American flag t shirt but the other alternating stripes are pink. This is an adorable shirt.

Not every girl likes pink. Why not proudly wear the red, white and blue colors but make the American flag t shirt feminine in other ways. One great way to choose a girly tee is to find the right cut. The baby doll tee is the perfect fusion between the traditional tee shirt and trendy femininity.

The baby doll American flag t shirt lets you show off your patriotic side and it lets you show your curves as well. The baby doll tee is a current fashion trend that has taken the casual scene by storm. This is a great choice for an original look with a traditional theme.

One of my personal favorite of the lady’s tee shirts is the camisole. You can find a great American flag t shirt in this design that shows a lot of skin. A camisole is a tee that has thin straps and no sleeves so you are sure to have a lot of breathing space. This American flag t shirt can be worn under a button down shirt during cooler evenings.

With all of the feminine options available in casual wear you are sure to find a great American flag t shirt for your next patriotic occasion. You want to show love for being a citizen of the United States and you want to show love of being a woman as well.