Americans Fight Like Cats And Dogs with Pet Allergies

Is your family pet creating an irritating living environment? According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, approximately 42 million Americans suffer from some sort of pet allergy.

Pet allergy symptoms may include sneezing, congestion, runny nose and rashes, which all can range from moderate to severe. Allergy-suffering pet owners are calling out for a solution, as getting rid of Fluffy or Fido does not seem to be an option. According to a recent survey, 75 percent of allergy suffering pet owners would never consider getting rid of their pet.

Previous misconceptions have caused pet owners to believe the fur of cats and dogs provoked allergies. However, recent research has shown that allergy symptoms are the result of proteins secreted by oil glands in the animal’s skin.

These proteins are also produced in the animal’s saliva, which sticks to the fur when the pet grooms itself. Once these proteins dry, they can float into the air and cause allergic reactions. Cats are more likely to cause allergic reactions, since they groom themselves and spend more time in the house than do dogs.

“Installing a whole-house air cleaner can play a significant role in allowing pet owners and their pets to live happily ever after,” said Robin Pharo, channel manager for Aprilaire. Aprilaire’s High-Efficiency Air Cleaners trap pet dander particles at

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Experts offer several other suggestions to help combat allergies from pets:

* Make your bedroom off-limits.

* Confine pets to one area of the home.

* Keep pets outdoors.

* Bathe pets once a week.

* Brush your pets often.

* Wash your hands after handling pets.

“Although a combination of these suggestions may reduce symptoms, many pet owners do not put them to use,” Pharo said. “Pet owners need a solution that is less time consuming and one that does not disrupt everyday routines.”

The Aprilaire units only have to be serviced once a year and because they attach to the home’s heating and cooling system, they are silent and do not intrude upon the aesthetics of the living space.