An MLM Market has No Borders

You can’t market anything unless you have all the information you need. You need good solid direction, and to get that, you need good solid information. You also need to understand the market potential for your products, services and programs you offer. You have to choose your products, etc with an eye to building a team, to recruiting and to obtaining and maintaining a good client base. Without these things, you’ll be another MLM marketer with a good idea, and not be able to accomplish anything. Chances are you’d be out of business almost before you even got started.
Team building (those below you who will duplicate what you do), with a program or product/service, substantially expands your marketing potential. Because very simply, the more people you have under you, the more business you can generate. The more business you generate, the greater your income. Great concept, but not always an easy one to accomplish – at least not alone.
With the expansion of your marketing potential, the type of person you target market to also grows significantly larger. These people will have the ability to become part of your personal team and build secondary incomes by utilizing the tools and training you provide them.
To get a good grasp of just how large your market potential really is, you need to understand that literally ANYONE in ANY group you belong to – personal, business, chat groups, clubs, is a potential member of your team. In addition, ANYONE in another networking program is also a potential client.
Also, watch for all the people who are looking for a home-based business. The numbers are staggering. If you can snag them and get them working for YOU, not only do you benefit, so do they. Imagine how many potential team members, and potential customers you could find in just that one sector.