An Organized Office

Instead of using somebody else’s definition of organization, let me ask you: How organized do you want to be? When we talk about getting organized people usually get an impression of a spick and span office with not a paper out of place. But my experience has taught me that a neat office does not necessarily have to be a very organized office. If you throw away every single piece of paper that comes to your office, certainly your office will be neat but not organized. I believe that organizing is a relative term. It is all a matter of convenience.
In an organized office there will be a place for every thing and everything will be in its place. But at the same time you should be able to lay your hands on the object you need the moment you need it. And in this respect a little bit of clutter is ok.
It is not enough that you know where every thing is, somebody else should know it too. In case you are not able to come in person and get something, somebody else should be able to do the job for you. It is here that labels and tags can prove to be very important. Every single file should have a label and every thing should be filed properly. It is not enough that you name things according to your convenience. The names should make sense to others as well..
For every working man or woman, the following are often pitfalls:
Forgetting Appointments
Forgetting Deadlines
Being Unable to meet deadlines
Being late for meetings and Appointments
Forgetting Names
Forgetting Telephone Numbers
Forgetting to take important documents and things along
Misplacing Objects and so on
By organizing your office, you can avoid most, if not all of the above maladies. In the end, both time and money are saved.