Ankle Wrist Weight

Small Addition But Large Return

Staying in shape can be a pain in modern society. Between all the unhealthy food and our physically limited activities, it is exceptionally easy for us to pile on the fat and become far heavier then we would like.

There are a variety of methods to deal with this weight, from surgical or dietary to physical. The best options would be a combination of diet and exercise to help your body naturally lose that weight.

However there are things you can do to further argument your work outs to help see results just that little bit sooner. Adding ankle wrist weight to your work out is a small addition, but can have a large impact on your results.

Ankle and wrist weights are just as they sound, small weights that you can strap around your ankles and wrists. These weights add further resistance to even basic movements such as walking.

The more your body works, the more muscle it builds and the harder your heart pumps. This burns calories and helps eat away that fat. So these weights just make your body work a little bit harder, and as such burn more calories.

Whether you are a fitness nut or only working out once in a while, adding these weights to your work out can be a great benefit. You might ask yourself why not simply lift weights. Well the reason you use ankle wrist weight instead of a weight machine or free weights, is because they augment other work outs and even day to day activities.

Something as simple as going for a walk around the block can see double the results by the inclusion of ankle and wrist weights. When we walk we naturally swing our arms and obviously move our legs. The added resistance to these movements by the weights force your muscles to work that much harder, which is a good thing.

They are also good for people who are not able to do rigorous activity such as long work outs. For those suffering from an injury, ankle and wrist weights can allow them to get the work out they need without straining their injury and making it worse.

It is also great for the elderly who are unable to keep up with young people. Simply going about their daily lives with ankle and wrist weights on can improve their muscles and help stave off degradation. Just this light amount of exercise can make a world of difference.

There are so many ways ankle wrist weight can help you lose weight. They often get overlooked given their low profile and small impact compared to more rigorous work outs, but even small benefits add up and make a difference.

Your work out is already producing results, adding these ankle and wrist weights just further enhance those results. So if you are one who is serious about losing weight, or simply keeping in shape, adding these weights to your activities can be a great and non invasive option. Whether it is hitting the weight machine or walking around the block, ankle and wrist weights can give you the results you want.