Answering machines

I am a huge fan of caller ID and answering machines. Why? Simply because I hate answering the phone. If your number is blocked or unavailable, then I have no desire to speak with you. If it is important, leave a message on my answering machine and I’ll call you back. If it is urgent, I’ll call you back immediately. Most of my family and friends know to start talking to my answering machine and I’ll pick up at some point. But, answering machines, in my opinion, are a wonderful invention.

During the week, there are certain TV shows that I cannot be interrupted during. I know, that sounds so pathetic but when I work my behind off all day long and only get to relax for a few hours in the evening, I hate to be interrupted. If the phone rings, it’ll just have to ring. That’s why people first invented answering machines. Answering machines have come a long way since my childhood. I can remember the huge boxes when they first surfaced. Everyone rushed out to get answering machines because they were brand new and a great new invention. Once people did rush out and purchase one, they went crazy with trying to come up with the perfect greeting messages to leave on their answering machines. My parents and I made a big point of saying all of our own names and in our own voices. We had to record it over and over again until everyone was completely satisfied with the way it sounded. Most people were like that when it came to answering machines. Others, simply didn’t care. They would just let the beep come on and no one knew whether or not they should start speaking. My aunt and uncle were like that.

I love the answering machines that people left cutesy messages on. You know what I’m talking about, the kind that prove some people have entirely too much time on their hands. My dad got this genius idea of singing into our answering machine once and I was incredibly embarrassed to give my phone number out to any classmates. There was the occasional parent that utilized answering machines to punish their children for things by leaving embarrassing greetings.

Eventually, someone invented phones that had answering machines built into them. No longer was a separate box needed for recording messages. You could hang just the one box on your wall on place it on a counter and you saved some space. I loved it because I no longer had two sets of cords and wires running all over the place. Soon, answering machines became part of your phone service. People could actually choose to have voicemail. They didn’t need to have any boxes or equipment whatsoever. Technology has moved us forward drastically. No matter how much they continue to evolve, answering machines were a great invention.