Anti Mold Venetian Plaster

Although mold is in nature, nobody wants mold all over their walls. Insurance companies are paying hundreds of millions on mold related claims. It is indeed a serious issue.
So again why Venetian plasters from Firenze Enterprises are Anti-Mold?

The short answer is that mold can only grow in an acidic environment. So now you may ask, “What does this have to do with our Venetian Plaster”? As you know from your high school chemistry class all natural lime plasters are alkaline, that means that the Venetian plasters walls are not acidic, therefore, no mold can form on them.

This of course has to do with the Ph scale. The Ph scale is a measurement of the activity of Hydrogen ions. I’m sorry, but we said we would keep it simple.

The pH measure of the degree of the acidity or the alkalinity of a solution as measured on a scale (pH scale) of 0 to 14. Numbers below 7.0 indicate acidity; numbers greater than 7.0 indicate alkalinity. If something has a pH of 7.0 that means it is neutral, neither acid nor alkaline.

Mold can only grow in an acid environment

The primary ingredient of Firenze Enterprises Venetian Plaster is Slaked lime Ca(OH)2, produced from calcium carbonate that is mined and heated. Lime is Alkaline in nature. In fact, if any of you grew up on a farm you know that lime is used to raise the pH of your soil if it is overly acid.

So since Lime is alkaline in nature our Venetian Plasters being composed essentially of Lime are not only breathable, but Anti-Mold.

Impact of the Environment

How does this affect the quality of your life?

It think the implications are obvious, however, let me add that many health researchers claim that because of environmental issues our bodies produced too much acid that may even be causing chronic health problems.

The following is an excerpt from the article ACIDIDTY AND ALKALINITY IN OUR DIETS:

“Many people just don’t feel good anymore. Some find themselves being much more susceptible to colds, or to whatever “bug” is currently going around. Much more serious are the increasing cases of autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. “Health” and “wellness” have become relative terms. Low-level toxicity from many sources can be very difficult to detect. The combined action of all these toxins creates a “toxic cocktail” effect which can seriously weaken the body and the mind through a process we call “fermentation” or the over-acidification of the blood and tissue as a result of the proliferation of yeast, fungus, and bacteria. Yeast and fungus are single cell life forms which inhabit the air, soil, water, and many of the foods we eat. They are more highly developed than the intermediate states of bacteria or the early stages of viruses. Over the years, they have developed into over 500,000 different species.

At this point I want to stress that as humans what we eat and the environment we put ourselves in is directly related to our health.

My next article in the Master Series will explain this further.

Mold in your home has been described as the next major class action lawsuit