antique car sales

Most of the times I buy a car, I try to keep everything pretty simple and to the point. I am a practical guy, and I usually have practical needs in a car. I look at a car buyers guide and think about what I want. How much space do I need? Which car will last the longest? Which is the most likely to keep it’s value? Which one will get the best gas mileage? Then I make a decision.

When I got into antique car sales, however, everything got a whole lot more complicated. I have never been much of a collector. I am too practical in my thinking. It is hard for me to get my head around the idea that something can be worth more because it is old. My best friend, however, is an antique car dealer in California. He has always loved old classic cars, and has been involved in the family business of buying and selling them since he was very young. When he offered me a job in antique car sales, I could not refuse. I was down on my luck, and I needed the money badly. I did not really think about the fact that I would need to learn a new way of thinking about value.

As hard as it can be to sell used cars in general, making an antique car sale is that much harder. You see, to sell antique cars, you need to understand the minds of collectors. Collectors are much more patient than most consumers. They will wait, sometimes for years, to find the perfect antique car sales to complete their collections. They don’t want you to sell the car, they want to know that you treasure it like they do. They will already know what to look for. My job, as an antique car dealer, is to bond with them over how beautiful these old classics are. The cars will sell themselves.

It took me a while to really understand this fact. For the fist few months, I made far fewer antique car sales than I wanted to. My friend was patient with me, however, and before long, I was thinking like a car collector. After that, the sales started racking up. Soon I was doing so much business that I could not remember what was tough about it in the first place. I’ve even started to collect classic cars myself!