antique mantle clock

I am a very opinionated individual. I like to state where I stand on topics. I also like to hear where other people stand. Unlike most opinionated people I do not like to argue. It is not important to me if other’s share my opinions, as long as they respect them and so not try to sway me. That is the other unique thing about me if I change my opinion about something I am not afraid to tell people.

Recently I had to tell one of my friends that I had changed my mind about something that we had talked about over a year ago. At that time my friend suggested that I buy an antique mantle clock to place in my living room. The home I live in is over a hundred years old; however it has been gutted and redone several times so it does not have original woodwork or flooring. My husband and I own a few antique pieces, but the majority of our furniture pieces are new. I did not want to buy an antique mantle clock just because I had an old fireplace.

I changed my mind several weeks ago when one of the people that were raised in our farm house came to our house. She was ninety three years old. Her daughter brought her to see the house and yard. She had a photo album with her with several pictures of what the house and farm had looked like when she was growing up. In one photograph the fireplace mantle showed up. There was an antique mantle clock sitting on it. I could not believe my eyes. The clock was identical to the one my friend and I had seen. I asked the woman what became of the things that had been in the house, especially the antique mantle clock. She told me that she and her sister had kept many of the things including the clock. They had sold it to an estate dealer when the sister went into a nursing facility last year. The estate dealer was the same one where my friend and I had seen the clock.

I knew the odds of finding the clock still in the shop were slim, but I had to know. I called my friend and asked her to go to the shop to see if the antique mantle clock was still there. I told her that I had changed my mind based on it being the same clock that had once been in the house. My friend called me the next day to let me know that the clock had sold, but the dealer was going to contact the person who had bought it to see if they would be willing to sell it to me. I have decided that if the clock is meant to come home it will all fall into place.