Antique quilt

Having grown up in the heart of Amish and Mennonite country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I have a special place in my heart for quilts. The quilts that are made in my hometown are of the highest quality and always have lots of care put into them. I never knew, however, that I could find and purchase an antique quilt in my hometown. I was entertaining some out-of-town guests one weekend and taking them to all of the tourist spots. We went through an Amish store that sold quilts. Wandering through the store, I found a quilt that I thought was very interesting. The salesperson saw me eyeing it and told me that it was an antique quilt from the 1850’s. My jaw dropped. She said that I could find an antique quilt for almost any year that I wanted in her store. I was fascinated. I had no idea that a quilt could last that many years. I suppose that really does support the fact that quilts from this area are of the highest quality.

I pored over every antique quilt that I found. I was not interested in buying one of them, as the price tag also made my jaw drop, but the historical sense of them was intriguing. She was right, there did seem to be an antique quilt for many years that could be found. When I went home that night, I found their website, and looked through their online catalog. If anyone is looking to find and purchase an antique quilt, I would definitely recommend visiting their site before making any commitments to purchase from anywhere else. Sure, the prices are more than some of us can afford, but you are not just buying an antique quilt, you are getting a piece of history. I’m quite sure that every antique quilt on their site could tell us some amazing stories.

I found quilts that were not just for adults, they had an antique quilt that were for cribs and toddlers as well. I’m not sure that I would be willing to let a baby have access to an antique quilt that cost a small fortune, but it would look wonderful as a wall decoration. If I ever have a baby, I’m putting that on my gift registry! There were other stores and sites that could be visited if you are seeking an antique quilt, but I was more impressed with my local store. I already know the history of my county and the quality of what is made here. If you are seeking an antique quilt, check them out. You won’t be disappointed.