Ants A Nuisance Best Handled By Professionals

If ants showed up only at picnics, perhaps they’d be easier to tolerate. Instead, they can make their way through the tiniest gaps and appear unwelcome in most any area of the home. As the number-one “nuisance pest” in the U.S., ants enter homes to find food and water. This means that no matter how your home is constructed, where it’s located or how old it is, it could be invaded by ants.

“We hear from frustrated callers every week who have unsuccessfully tried every do-it-yourself ant control product on the shelf,” note James and Morris Carey, nationally recognized experts on home building and renovation, and hosts of the syndicated radio show “On the House.” “When you add up the time and money they’ve spent trying to rid their homes of ants, it would have been less expensive and a whole lot easier to call a pest professional to get it done right, the first time.”

“Effective ant control begins with a professional inspection and treatments using the most technologically advanced products available,” advises James. Adds Morris, “Professional treatments such as Phantom® insecticide and Termidor® insecticide/termiticide are both undetectable, allowing the ants to pass through the treated zone and become carriers, spreading the treatment to other ants they contact. A pest professional can apply Phantom to trouble spots inside your home, and Termidor around your home’s foundations to reach the outdoor nests where the ants live. Most ant species are controlled within a week of application.”

According to the Carey Bros., homeowner mentality is quickly shifting toward this time-efficient, affordable, peace-of-mind outlook that comes with having a pest professional tackle ant invasions. Today, the sight of a pest management vehicle signifies a determined, intelligent means of detecting and ridding a home of a pest that poses a major threat to homes, apartments and other structures.

Be Part Of The Solution

Ants need food and water, and they need a way to gain access to your home. Since they can be very persistent, you need to be just as persistent by taking some simple steps towards controlling these nuisance pests. Inside: Clean up spilled food and beverages, take out the trash, and rinse out jars and containers before you place them in trash cans and recycling bins. Outside: Seal doors and windows, keep rain gutters clean to prevent moisture inside walls, and trim trees and shrubs away from your house.

Phantom and Termidor treatments can be made only by licensed pest professionals who have been trained and certified to use the products.