Anyone Up For A Challenge

Since the beginning of my blog, I have tried to let my readers into my private life a little at a time, without giving too much away (I really don’t want psychos showing up at my door). For instance, through the blog, you have learned, among other things, that I am a recovering drug addict, that I was homeless less than 10 years ago, that my wife is expecting, and that I live near an extremely small town in Utah (population is less than 400).

All of that aside, the one question that I get from most is: “how can you live your life without a TV?” This question gets funnier every time I hear it. My first initial response was, “how can you live WITH a TV?” Watching TV is an alternative to living. It’s not possible to spend an hour actually playing with the kids when you are spending that hour watching someone play with kids on TV. It’s not possible to spend a week cruising the Caribbean when you are busy watching the Love Boat (or whatever they have on TV now-a-days). It’s TV or it’s living. It can’t be both.

Living without a TV in my home was a choice I made long ago. It was a choice to I made to give me my freedom. We’ve covered the massive inverse statistical correlations between watching TV and financial freedom. It’s just a fact. A vast majority of the desperately poor tune out regularly from life and watch TV. A vast majority of the rich never watch the slavery tube. The line between the two extremes is linear and it’s pretty obviously causal. A TV watcher can stop watching TV and immediately start seeing more financial success in their life.

But still, there are those that are just baffled by this choice. I could spend numerous hours explaining this choice in detail, but it really only comes down to one… mine! I am not telling everyone to get rid of their TV. We need poor people in this world. There are some tasks that simply need to be performed by the TV watchers in a J.O.B. I simply suggested trying to live without it for a few days and find out how much more freedom you feel you have. The world is full of things to view things to do.

If you truly want the freedom that others have, just try this experiment. Turn off the TV for two weeks. Find out what your mind has to offer. Feel the freedom for just those two weeks. The creativity that you possess may astound some of you. I know it’s in there… Just try it.