apartment building

My youngest child is moving away from home. I cannot believe that my daughter has completed her associate degree and has found an office manager position in a city sixty miles away from us. She has been commuting for the summer months, but with winter on the way she in going to move into the city. She knows that I am stressing about this so she asked me to go apartment hunting with her. She thought it would help me to know that she was in a safe place.

We started out early on a Saturday morning. She had made appointments with apartment building managers as well as two apartments that were in residential areas. The first apartment building that we went to was within walking distance of her job. This was close to the down town area that has several bars and night clubs. I think she was also thinking that she could walk home after drinking with friends. The apartment was located on the third floor of the building. On the first floor were shops and an attorney’s office. The building is quite old. The apartment was good size. There was a large living room and a kitchen and dining room area. The bedroom was very large. There was a walk in closet and built in dresser drawers along the window ledge. The bathroom was next to the bedroom. It had been updated to include a shower/tub combination, toilet and large vanity. For the size of the apartment the rent was quite reasonable and the location to her work was great, however they had no garages available and there was no security system in the apartment building. Neither of us liked the idea of strangers being able to access the hallways of the building.

The next appointment we had was two blocks away in a residential area. The apartment was in a house that had been remodeled to form two apartments. The apartment that was available was the upper level of the home. There was a nice living room and kitchen with a separate dining area and a big bed room and bathroom. The only shared area with the other renter was the laundry room area and the two stall garage. The rent was reasonable, but my daughter would be responsible for half of the utilities and heating costs. My daughter did not think she would like having to split up bills with someone she did not know. She decided that she would be more comfortable in an apartment building, so she called and cancelled the other appointment in the residential area.

The next apartment building we went to had a security system. The apartment was on the second floor and there was a garage for the car. The rooms were good size and the drive to work was only five minutes. She decided to rent this apartment and will move in next month.