apexdestiny home automation system

Apex Destiny 6100AN and Home Automation System

The computer world is full of wonders. Since the time it was first invented, it has greatly improved in a lot of ways. Today’s world is capable of making the impossible possible. Man’s intellect is truly superior, and he is still finding out new ways to improve life.

Improve life… this is the very reason why many inventions are made by man. Whenever a new technology is introduced, it would always be to the benefit of man. If you’ve seen a lot of futuristic movies, you’re probably wondering how automated things worked. But in today’s times, it is already possible to have a fully automated home.

Many people are slowly realizing the importance of having an automated household. But to most people, having an automated home is more of a luxury because home automation is rather expensive. There are now companies which supply the international market with cool automated gadgets for a reasonable price. If you want, you can start with a small gadget, and if you’re satisfied with the results, you can easily move on to a more expensive one.

Apex Destiny-6100AN is an alarm system. It is fully supervised, hardwired, and programmable. It boasts a range of advanced functions for home automation and voice communication. It is also possible to expand the control panel to wireless zones and 96 hardwired. If you have Ademco 5800, the Apex Destiny is compatible with it.

Alphanumeric paging is one of the features of Apex Destiny, and this is provided to the homeowner. Any event received by the monitoring station can be reported to the pager after it has been programmed to do so. It can be programmed to a message with 20 maximum characters, custom descriptors, and activation type. Based on a test conducted, almost all of today’s pagers are compatible with this particular feature.

If you want an extremely sophisticated device, purchase Apex Destiny 6100AN. Here is a detailed list of the features of Apex Destiny:

– WL500-H receiver
– Programmable zones (wireless) and 80 supervised
– Local phone access
– Remote phone access
– The system controller has 16 zones (hardwired)
– Speech synthesis
– Voice driver, external and internal
– Smoke detectors, 2 + 4
– 512 memory log
– compatible with X-10
– 2-way operation
– Fully programmable

Securing your home and family from burglars or thieves can be done through an alarm system, Apex Destiny is a good example for home automation being involved in security tasks. Many businesses and homes find peace and security if they have an alarm system. Through home automation, empty offices and houses may seem occupied so that burglars will not attempt to break inside.

Since Apex Destiny is a new gadget, it uses the wireless technology. But it still utilizes hardwire for the system controller. Wireless technology is gaining acceptance among many consumers. You don’t have to install confusing and complicated wiring operations. In using wireless receivers and transmitters, you can position sensors in hard-to-reach areas; without fussing over wires. Some even go the extent of using wireless cameras for security purposes.

Hardwired systems are more reliable but it’s better to have them when you’re house is being constructed. Wireless systems on the other hand can be moved and installed in any area with ease. Apex Destiny has both hardwires and wireless feature, so it’s safe to say that this device is really efficient and effective.

Apex Destiny can provide you with a good night’s sleep and you’re sure that you’re safe from any burglar or thief. With home automation and Apex Destiny, you and your family can enjoy the comfort of your homes. And in case you want to go out of town, your home is still safe from burglars. You will receive pager alerts whenever the security system is disarmed or tripped. You can also use this feature to monitor motion or occupancy in certain areas of your home. Thanks to these new technologies.

It’s quite nice to sit back and relax after a long day from work. And with one movement of your finger, everything works like magic. You’re totally protected if you have Apex Destiny. So the next time you go out shopping, don’t forget to include it in your list.