Appearances are Deceitful

People’s eyes are attracted to beauty and it’s quite natural. We look at flowers, landscapes, pieces of art, and gracious movements of a ballet dancer with admiration. We understand why it is beautiful and the sight of the above-mentioned things brings us pleasure. People also think of a man’s/woman’s appearance as of a masterpiece of nature and enjoy it as much as a landscape in the Alps. But is the essence of this beauty the same?

Landscapes are parts of nature, pieces of art are created by gifted people; these objects are not alive, don’t possess an intellect, so it is much easier to define the essence of it’s meaning and purpose. Humans have divine gift of speech, abstract thinking and freedom of action. We can’t but agree that it’s very difficult to define, what is hiding behind good looks. Our mind is used to assume that beauty contains only good things. We forget that beauty can also be dangerous. This rule can be applied to some people that use their appearance to harm others for their own profit. Good looking people are called lucky and others that don’t fall under that category are extremely jealous as usual. “Why is my mark “unsatisfactory” if I worked on my term paper topic a lot? My friend didn’t even do a research and got a “good”. This is all because she is pretty”. No matter what your term paper topics are and how well they are worked at, there still will be someone, who is way more successful than you are. That is a usual way to think. In most cases those who complain are right. But we want to draw your attention to the fact that “pretty” doesn’t necessarily mean “good”. This statement can be easily proved.

What we have to do is just a little psychological research. People are in the habit of using everything they possess in order to reach success. Pretty face and nice figure can also be used. There’s nothing bad in it, of course. We see famous movie stars and celebrities doing it every day. The story is totally different in everyday life. People who are attractive get used to the attention and admiration. They get proud and think that everything that they reach is due to the way they look. People who are attractive use their looks to get a job, to be promoted, to be excused from doing something they don’t want to. The only inconvenient thing for them is authority that they create. The atmosphere around them can not be ruined in any way. Once the reputation is ruined, nice looks will not help any more for they don’t matter from no on. But there are people who are equally pretty inside and outside. Such people are pride of the society and are respected greatly. Every one of us knows a lot of examples of above described phenomenon; there’s no need to do it here. It is quite possible that people can change so appearances won’t matter anymore. The article is meant to help those who suffer from such discrimination to improve their situation, and those who want to start a new life forgetting about their past abuse of own appearance. Beauty is meant to serve to greater good, so a person always has a choice. And it is: to be good and respectable, but use fair ways that sometimes can be hard, or to go the easy way of manipulating people by using your gift, such as appearance. As for those, who suffer from being “one out of the crowd”, one can advice to show that you are special in a different kind of way. There must be a special talent that makes you a credit to your parents. Anyhow, we are to celebrate beauty, if it deserves it and to try to get it on the right track if its direction is messed up.