Applying for Medicaid

Although Medicaid is a Federal program, the eligibility guidelines for it are determined by each state. This is why you will need to contact your local department of human services to apply for it. Most states have the locations divided up by counties so you will also need to make sure you contact the one in the area where you reside. You can call for an application to be mailed to you or pick one up at their office. You may find local doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals also have the applications available.

It is very important to complete all of the information on the application for Medicaid completely. Failure to do so can delay the processing of your application and it can also result in it being denied. You will be asked to provide information on each member in your household. You will need to provide birth certificates, social security cards, and often immunization records for all household members.

You will also need to provide information relating to income and resources in the household. Make sure you make copies of pay stubs, vehicle registrations, and checking or savings accounts. All of this information is needed in order to determine eligibility. You may be able to apply for back dated Medicaid to cover the three months prior to the date you turn in your application. You will need to submit income for that period of time as well as copies of medical bills.

Make sure you are very honest with the information you provide on a Medicaid application. If you are found to have intentionally falsified information in order to be eligible you can face criminal charges. This can result in a fine and jail time. If you received coverage of Medicaid benefits fraudulently you will also need to repay those expenses.

The application process for Medicaid can be confusing at times. If you need assistance, contact your local department of human services. They can help you to schedule an appointment for you to go over it with someone. If you get a letter from them asking for more information to complete your eligibility make sure you comply as quickly as possible with getting them that necessary information.