Array Of Choice In Cheese Slicers

If you enjoy eating a fresh slice of cheese that is cut right from the block, you probably have some sort of cheese slicer in your kitchen cupboard. While knives can cut some of the harder variety of cheeses sufficiently, it is better by far to use a cheese slicer to get perfect portions of cheese every time. There are a variety of slicers on the market today, and some will work best for individual use and cooking, while others are pretty and functional enough for your entertaining needs. No cocktail party is complete without a cheese platter, and no cheese platter is complete without a cheese slicer.

The History of the Cheese Slicer

The cheese slicer was invented by a Norwegian carpenter named Thor Bjorklund in 1925. His wife had sent a chunk of cheese to his workshop for lunch one day, and the innovative carpenter needed a way to cut off smaller slices. Through that experience, he created the first cheese slicer, which he also patented that same year. The slicer began to be mass produced in Norway in 1927. Since that time, many variations have been created on Bjorklund’s design, allowing every cook to find the perfect slicer to meet his needs. Although they are most popular in some European countries where sliced cheese on bread is a common fare, many styles have gained momentum in the United States as well.

Different Designs of Slicers

There are a variety of designs of cheese slicers, including those that are primarily for functional purposes. These can include many hand-held designs, and can run the gamut in quality and price. If you slice a lot of cheese to use in your recipes and cooking, it is best to find a high-quality and functional design that will last through time and plenty of use.

On the other hand, if your main purpose in a cheese slicer will be for entertaining, there are many styles on the market that are beautiful as well as functional. Some of these designs are crafted out of high-quality wood or even marble, and some come with a built in tray to hold crackers or slices of bread.

These attractive cheese slicers can also make a wonderful gift for the person on your list that seems to have everything. You can throw in a package of delicious French cheese and a bottle of wine to complement, and your recipient has the beginning supplies for a lovely cocktail gathering.