Cashmere Blankets for Your Bundle of Joy

An Early Introduction to Luxury: Cashmere Blankets for Your Bundle of Joy

A cashmere blanket will not spoil your baby, but it will introduce him or her to the best feeling of comfort and softness either as a welcoming blanket or as a regular sheet. Cashmere blankets are quite comfortable and warm, perfect for your baby’s long sleeping hours. Your child deserves the best, so why not choose cashmere blankets for him?

Cashmere comes from the wool and fur of goats and camels. The best ones are those that were taken from the belly or the throat areas while lower-grade cashmere furs are those from the legs and back. The best cashmere fibers are those that are made from longer wools, such as those found in the animal’s throat and belly. These have a softer feel and are therefore more pricey.

Density, not fluff
When buying cashmere blankets for your baby, look for thickness in the material. Don’t just look at the colors or the pretty designs. Touch the blanket, grab a part of the material and squeeze to determine its thickness and feel. If it feels soft and dense, then it’s the right blanket and is probably made with pure cashmere or a high percentage of cashmere fiber. If it feels a little coarse or rough, it is probably made from a mix of cashmere and another material like wool.

Look for a tight weave. A tighter weave means that your baby’s blanket will last a long time and will hold its shape better. When cashmere is washed, the weaves loosen gradually. If they were already slightly loose to begin with, it won’t be long until they lose their shape and you’ll have to buy another one.

Luxury can be expensive, but what’s a few dollars when it’s money well spent for your baby’s comfort? Pure cashmere baby blankets are a more expensive than those made in combination with another material like angora or sheep’s wool, for example. The quality isn’t always sacrificed, but if you’re familiar with cashmere, you will know the difference by just touching the fabrics.

To check out your cashmere baby blanket choices, here are a few sites:
Cashmere fiber is also known as pashm or pashmina in Asia and this is why The Pashmina Store uses this name. This site offers custom-made pure cashmere from Nepal and baby blankets come in a standard 37″ by 48″ sheet. Pashmina offers free standard shipping and a reasonably-priced expedited shipping option.
This site also offers baby blankets made from pure cashmere. If you like, you can even have your baby’s name and date of birth embroidered to personalize the blanket. Cashmere blankets come in a variety of colors that are just right for your baby.
Another site that offers personalized baby blankets is Their baby blankets also come in many delightful designs so your baby never gets bored with plain color. Their Lucky Mini Cashmere Blanket, one of their top sellers, is priced at only $39.95. An embroidered item will cost an extra $12.
This site features cashmere baby blankets from the likes of Amber Hagen and Kinder-Cashmere. Fabulous 100% two-ply cashmere baby blankets with velvet chenille trims, pretty appliqués, baby-soft colors and cheerful designs are featured on this page, although most of their products are not available locally offline. Ordering via the internet is easy, though. If you don’t mind spending a little more, this is the site to go to.

Caring for your baby’s cashmere blanket
Cashmere needs special care and the best way to handle it is to have the blanket dry cleaned. If it can’t be helped, wash the blanket in the gentlest washing cycle you have with mild soap or, handwash it to keep its look and texture. Don’t use bleach on the fabric as this will destroy the weave and might also affect the color.