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Austria Country in Europe An Adventure in the Alps: Hitchhiking From Switzerland to Austria Austria is a Central European country characterized by mountain villages, baroque architecture,

Dance Music Chat

We have a New Chat System for Dance Music Chat Lovers and more. You can talk about Dance Music in our Group on Facebook. Visit the HasenChat Community Chat Room. This is part of our Facebook Group.

Ekstase (Radio Mix)

Ekstase (Radio Mix) BPM Key Hasenchat Music | Made in USA 128 BPM Fm KEY Ekstase (Radio Mix) by Hasenchat Music is 3:50 long. Time signature of this song is 4/4. Tempo is (Allegro) fast, quickly,

HasenChat Music – Rise and Fall CD 3

If you Like this Songs. Get it with the Album Rise and Fall by HasenChat Music. Stream it with Spotify or Download it from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Mp3 and many more. HasenChat Music Youtube


HasenChat Music - Dance Songs 10 Songs - Playtime: more than 60 Minutes https://hasenchat.bandcamp.com/album/dance-songs HasenChat Music - Dance Songs 2 10 Songs - Playtime: more than 60