what is chin music

In American slang, chin music is a term for idle talk. It dates back at least a century: “There’s too much chin music an’ too little fightin’ in this war, anyhow” is a quote from Stephen Crane’s 1895 novel The Red Badge of Courage. It can alternatively be used as a euphemism for punching someone in the jaw.


what rhymes with music

5 Types of Rhymes You Can Use in Your Song

Everyone knows about perfect rhymes—but there are actually five other types of rhymes that you can use in songwriting to avoid cheesy …


what does ep mean in music

ep = extended play

An extended play record, often referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but is usually unqualified as an album or LP.


What Does EP And LP Stand For In Music, Meaning & Usage Revealed

what does lp stand for in music

LP = Long Playing

LP stands for Long Playing, and is another word for ‘album’. It’s used to define the length of a product that is made by a musician. It’s longer then a single, and also longer then a EP album.

https://www.musicindustryhowto.com › Music Industry FAQs

What is a crossover ? What does LP and HP filter mean ?

what is music theory

Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. The Oxford Companion to Music describes three interrelated uses of the term “music theory”: The first is what is otherwise called …


what is ska music

Ska is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s and was the precursor to rocksteady and reggae. Ska combined elements of Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rhythm and blues. It is characterized by a walking bass line accented with rhythms on the off-beat.

what is music therapy

Music therapy is the use of music to improve health or functional outcomes. Music therapy is a creative arts therapy, consisting of a process in which a music therapist uses music and all of its …

why is music important

Although most people have their own preference on the type of music that they enjoy listening to, each culture can agree that the tunes are an important part of life with expressing ourselves as human beings. By appreciating the art form, it makes it easy to unite and relate to others who are different than ourselves.

Why is music important for students? | Esther Eden |

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. 17-year-old self-taught musician, Esther Eden shares 4 C’s of why and how music shapes the development of a successful student. She shows her audience the application of the 4 C’s with her experience and a beautiful performance that helped her overcome struggles & fear and transform them into creative expression & opportunity. Esther Eden is a 17-year-old self-taught musician, discovered by English singer and songwriter Jessie J, wants to change the world with her music. But her musical journey has not been easy. Esther aims to use the platform to urge education in arts to be taken seriously and shares her ideas about music education for the future student aka ‘Student 2.0’

what does a music producer do

A producer has many roles that may include, but are not limited to, gathering ideas for the project, composing the music for the project, selecting songs or session musicians, proposing changes to the song arrangements, coaching the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, and supervising …

A music producer organizes the recording studio, makes sure people get paid, makes sure the record company is happy and acts as a liaison between the band and the record company. The producer is also responsible for making sure the music being recorded sounds good and has the right tempo. Learn more about the job of a music producer with information from a recording studio engineer in this free video on music producing.

what music is playing

After summoning Google Assistant, you can ask “what song is this?” or “what song is playing?,” and the Assistant will pull up a card for you with the name of the song, the artist, lyrics, and YouTube, Google Play Music (of course), and Spotify streaming links.


Shazam is an application developed by Shazam Entertainment Ltd. The application can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device. On 24 September 2018, Shazam Entertainment Ltd. was bought by Apple Inc.

Why Did Apple Buy Shazam ?

It was announced recently that Apple acquired Shazam, music recognition app, for around $400 million. Today we’re going to look at how Apple have tackled the music industry so far and work out why Apple bought Shazam. Apple bought Shazam for around $400 million. Although this is way down on Shazam’s valuation from 2015, when a private funding round made it worth over $1 billion, it’s still a big spend for Apple. Apple may have got the ball rolling with digital music, when they bought SoundJam MP in 2000 and changed it into iTunes. The iPod followed a year later. But as the digital revolution continued, it was streaming services that took over, rather than online music shops. So when Apple bought Beats in 2014 and turned that into Apple Music, it already had Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and Rhapsody to compete with. Spotify is the big player here. In 2017, it’s revenues were up $1 billion from 2016 but it also doubled its losses, which were $518 million. To learn about the business strategy behind Apple buying Shazam watch the whole video.

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what is house music

House music is a genre of electronic dance music created by club DJs and music producers in Chicago in the early 1980s. Early house music was generally characterized by repetitive 4/4 beats, rhythms mainly provided by drum machines, off-beat hi-hat cymbals, and synthesized basslines.

HasenChat Music Cry Deep House Mix

what is pop music

Pop music is a genre of popular music that originated in its modern form in the United States and United Kingdom during the mid-1950s. The terms “popular music” and ” pop music ” are often used interchangeably, although the former describes all music that is popular and includes many different styles.

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what is this music

Shazam vs Soundhound music recognition speed test

here is a speed test of the music recognition apps namely shazam and soundhound.tried a few songs and both were accurate.speed was a bit here and there in all cases.this video was shot on my nokia lumia 520

Shazam is an application developed by Shazam Entertainment Ltd. The application can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device. On 24 September 2018, Shazam Entertainment Ltd. was bought by Apple Inc.


SoundHound Inc., founded in 2005, is an audio and speech recognition company. It develops voice-recognition, natural language understanding, sound-recognition and search technologies. Its feature products are Houndify, Hound, and SoundHound. The company’s headquarters are in Santa Clara, California


what is edm music

Electronic dance music is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres made largely for nightclubs, raves, and festivals. It is generally produced for playback by disc jockeys who create seamless selections of tracks, called a mix, by segueing from one recording to another.

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what is indie music

Independent music is music produced independently from commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, a process that may include an autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing.

What is Indie Music ?

what music is this

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by hundreds of millions of people each month to instantly identify music that’s playing and see what others …


Shazam is an application developed by Shazam Entertainment Ltd. The application can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device. On 24 September 2018, Shazam Entertainment Ltd. was bought by Apple Inc.

Developed by: Apple (formerly Shazam Entertainment Ltd.)

Operating system: Android, macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, Windows, Windows Phone

what is trap music

Trap is a style of popular music that was developed in the late 1990s to early 2000s from Southern hip hop in the United States. … The term “trap” referred to places where drug deals take place. In the 2010s, artists crossbred trap with dubstep to create trap EDM.

Best of Trap music Vol. 1