Comparison of Pay per Click Programs

Pay per click programs are the biggest source of income generator source of 
online money. We provide you the best information about PPC (Pay Par Click).
Compare and chose the best one for you.

Google Adsense
If you dont know what Google AdSense is then youve been living under a rock.
This is pretty much a must have if you want to make money from a blog. Google
display simple text and image ads on your blog that are targeted to what youre
writing about. Google has been a consistent money maker for this blog.

TTZ Media Network
This is my own ad network. Its ideal for technology and shopping related sites.
TTZ Media provides product based ads that are trigger by keywords. The ads show
products that are based on the keywords entered and a list of online stores
where the products can be purchased. A reader clicking on the product will be
taken to the store offering the product for sale. Money is generated with a CPC
model. A reader need only click on the banner and visit the advertiser in order
for the site to make money. The reader does not have to purchase the product
from the advertiser. CPC rates are based on product categories and number of
clicks the affiliate can generate. Our tech/review site based affiliates realize
eCPM as high as $12.

Pepperjam Network
Founded by my friend Kris Jones, Pepperjam Network represents an evolution
in affiliate marketing. The creation of Pepperjam Network represents eight years
of research and development and the combined ideas, feedback, and intelligence
of hundreds of affiliate marketers and advertisers. Pepperjam Network offers a
quick and easy way to get started in affiliate marketing with the pepperjamADS.

Kontera ContentLink
Kontera ContentLink allows you to make money from advertising without giving up
any current advertising spots. Their technology reads your post and turns
certain words into an ad. The highlighted words are double underline and an ad
pops up when you hover over it. Normally Kontera requires a site have a minimum
500,000 page views per month before being accepted into the program. However, I
have a partnership with Kontera that will allow smaller blogs to use their
ContentLink service.

Text Link Ads
Text Link Ads is one of my favorite ad networks. They help me make money online
by selling those text links you see under Featured Sites. The links offer
advertisers traffic and search engine benefits and readers dont seem to mind
them at all because they are not intrusive. Your link price is set by Text Link
Ads and is based on Alexa, Google PageRank, number of RSS subscribers, and other

Bidvertiser, a CPC ad network that competes with Google AdSense. It main
advantage over AdSense is its low $10 payout. You only need to make $10 in order
to be paid. Big publishers wouldnt care about this but for many small blogs
that are still waiting to hit that magic $100 Google payout level, getting pay
at a lower level is quite attractive.

AzoogleAds is one of the largest performance-based online advertising networks
in the world. They offers some of the best and highest paying affiliate deals in
the industry. No matter what topic your blog covers, you can find a deal that
matches your site. The payout range from $1 to over $100 per action. Affiliate
marketing is one of this blogs biggest moneymaker and AzoogleAds is the
affiliate network that offers us the best payouts.

AuctionAds is one big eBay affiliate. What AuctionAds does is put all their
publishers into one big collective to go after the higher revenue share.
Publishers can leverage AuctionAds creative delivery of eBays auctions and
AuctionAds ability to achieve the higher performance incentive tiers with the
aggregate volume of traffic to make more money than they could with their own
eBay affiliate relationship. Right now, affiliates will get 100% of any money
they make from the system. As the collective moves up the eBay revenue share
tiers, AuctionAds will start to take a cut of revenues. The goal is for you to
make more with AuctionAds than directly with eBays affiliate program, which
will be the case as the network increases its volume.

ReviewMe is this biggest money maker, accounting for $2,400 of the
$8,545.25 March income. ReviewMe allows advertisers to buy sponsored reviews on
your blog. Review prices are based on your blogs Alexa, Technorati and
estimated RSS numbers. Publishers can set their own pricing if they dont like
the price ReviewMe set. Reviews can be positive or negative. The only
requirement is the post must be at least 200 words long.

DealDotCom offers a two-tier affiliate program. When you refer others to
DealDotCom and they get a free account, they are marked in the system as having
been referred by you. Anything that they buy will nets you a 35% commission.
Unlike other affiliate programs that place a time limit your your commission
(like AuctionAds 5% for 6 months), the DealDotCom commission is forever. Thats
right, forever. It doesnt matter if they buy something tomorrow, next week, or
fifty years from now – you are going to get paid. Whats more, anyone that they
refer to DealDotCom goes on your second tier. Anything people on your second
tier buy nets you a 15% commission, forever.