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You are a single woman who is frustrated because your life and relationships are humdrum and mundane. Time to make some changes. What are you really passionate about? What makes your heart sing? Are you waiting for a relationship to make your life begin? It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and begin to live a life that has energy and momentum.

Step 1 – Move out of Indecisive

As a single coach many of the women I speak to are indecisive about their lives and particularly about relationships. They seem to be in a rut and don’t know how to find the time, energy or focus to have it be different.

Ask yourself the question; is my life as I would like it to be? Do I have a picture of how I want my life to look in a year, 2 years, 5 years? I suggest that if you want you life to be different you first have to start with your own vision. Part of this vision will probably include a relationships. So Step 1 is to build your vision, give yourself time and space to do this – get yourself a notebook, look at all areas of your life, including relationships, and write down how you would life to look.

Step 2 – Moving from trying to doing

Part of the problem for single women is that you do not know how to make the changes in your attitudes and actions. Quite a lot of the time I hear women say that they will ‘try’ to do something. Have you ever just tried to pick up a cup? Just trying ends in failure because you will not complete the action.

So now you have a vision how are you going to make this happen? How are you going to convert trying into doing? Step 2 is about learning not just to dip your toe in the water but to make the first step. Look at the work you have done on your vision and ask yourself what is the one thing I can do today which will move me towards that vision? This action will often be very small but it is a step taken and achieved.

Step – 3 Change

Change is not half-hearted, it has energy and dynamism. It is about having a headline for your life that says “I know where I am heading and I am walking in that direction”. So in Step 2 I talked about taking the first steps. Although these may be small at first the aim is for you to get your life in motion and find more energy for yourself.

Step 3 is about how to find that energy. If you want to achieve lasting change in your life you are going to have to feel successful in the steps you are taking. What are you really passionate about that you are not doing now? What makes your heart sing? I suggest you concentrate on those areas of life that will bring you the biggest gains first. That means don’t necessarily look at the relationship part first, look at those parts that you can achieve on your own.

Step 4 – Commitment to yourself first

Guess what, you need to fix your life first and a relationship that you desire will follow. This sounds like a tall order but I can assure you it works like that. Your first commitment is to yourself and getting all the pieces of your life in order so that you can have the future that you desire.

How can you keep that commitment? Step 4 is you putting your agenda at the top of your list of priorities. This is not about being selfish but about being self-focused and self-disciplined. Take the situation when you have promised yourself that you will do a particular task that will move you towards your vision. A friend phones, she is lonely and would like to meet for a drink. It is easy for you to give up on your task after all you want to be a good friend but it is more important to remind yourself about your priorities. After all you can meet her tomorrow night. So don’t put off those things that move you further down your path.

Step 5 – Making a plan and sticking to it.

It is so easy to let life get in the way and find yourself back where you were. Therefore the most important part is having a plan for your life and for relationships that will keep you focused on moving forward.

My suggestion is that Step 5 is for you draw up a plan. It will have different areas for the different parts of your life. Then ask yourself what can I do this week, this month, this 6 months to move forward? Now it is time to make appointments with yourself, but your tasks in your diary. Be kind to yourself and don’t make them too big or too many just slow and steady. See yourself being successful in ticking them off week by week.

Online Dating Advice: The Big problem

When you respond to an ad, posted by a lady, youhave to know that you are not the only one. It’s more likely that you r the 35-th person that is writing to her… I’d like to make a suggestion. Right here, right now, log on to the web and register yourself at section as a lady (about 23 y/o, nice and slim).

Be sure that you use an e-mail that is not valuable for you – getting a new free one for the purpose is a good idea.

This is going to be a small experiment. After a couple of days you’ll find out two things:

• it’s cool to be a lady in the NET 🙂

• the approximate number of people you are competing with.

Something more important – you’ll get the idea about what are the other guys writing about. This is valuable information.

Don’t hesitate and be desperate if you get 40 emails the first day from all sorts of guys willing to go on a date with you.

I’ll tell you how to make women think you differ from them.

Online Dating Tip 1

The usual mistake

Well, let’s suppose u did the experiment that I suggested. I bet you’ll find a couple dozens of variations of the following:

“Hi! My name is Bob. I’m 2x/3x/4x… y/o. I live in PutTheName City. I’m (body measures&eye-hair colour follows). I work at a ImagineSomeBusiness
Company. I like doing (this varies a lot). We might give it a try if u r interested 😉 Bob”

This sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?

Bob is wasting his time.

Of course – he has his own chances.

If his job or hobby matches the lady’s ones, he’ll probably get an answer. If also the lady is posting an ad for the first time, and Bob is the first one to answer, again he’ll probably get a reply.

Pay attention to the word “first”. 1 is the loneliest number…

Where is he mistaking….

Bob might be a cool guy, but he shows nothing of it.

What he does is a simple announcing of facts. His personality remains covered. As I said, he could be a good psychologist, witty, emotional and educated – whole bunch of features that women consider valuable.

But if all this remains hidden behind these plain body/work/hobby facts, it’s quite easy for a lady to decide that nothing of it exists… With other words –
Bob is wasting his valuable online time. As I said, only the fact-match remains something that can hook a lady.

This is something very thin to rely on…

Online Dating Tip 2

So, what to do?

The answer is simple – you have to put some personality in your e-mail.

Once you do this, you can be sure that you can leave an impression. If you manage to do this, your work is done.

Remember the features I was talking aboutpsychologist, witty, emotional and educated. You have to convince the lady that you can think, have sense of humour and you haven’t missed the classes at school.

Make her laugh, make her think; don’t disturb her with spelling mistakes and your chances to get a reply increase dramatically. It doesn’t matter if the lady is educated or not – she wants you to be such. Let me say a few words about each one of these features…

Be a psychologist!

Online Dating Tip 3

When you e-mail a lady you have to show yourself as a psychologist.

Well, how are you supposed to do this? Simple – you have to make a small prediction that comes out to be true.

First you have to read the lady’s ad and gather all the valuable information.

Try to understand what is the proper motivation for her to post an ad. It might be stated directly – than it is useless for you to mention it.

If she does not say it clear, then go for it – she’ll be pleased to hear that someone understands her. One thing that you can always use is the fact that quite a lot of people write something similar to the ad that I showed you above.

You can predict that the lady is probably already tired of ads, telling about heights, weight and eyecolour. Say that you won’t bother her with useless facts. Promise to send her a picture instead in some of your following letters.

Of course – do it if she replies. If you manage to make such a “working” prediction, this will convince the lady that the space between your ears is not filled with air. You know, even if you are not quite right, she might reply to tell where you are wrong. This is also a base for conversation. Use it. Be witty!

Showing some sense of humour – well, something that is difficult to achieve sometimes. What I can say is JOKE WITH YOURSELF, NOT WITH HER! REMEMBER THAT! Don’t use any of the info that she gives as a material for jokes!

It might work, but it’s more likely that you back the lady off. Try to get her point of view – she’ll say “Who the hell is he to speak like that?!” Don’t risk! In the same time, you can always make laugh from the way you look. Use phrases like “It could be damn worse” or “I don’t cover the mirrors with
sheets at my place” when talking about your appearance.

It’s a basic thing to show that you like yourself. If you don’t, well… this is a little bit far from the topic of this article, but do an effort not to show it (and constantly work to change this).

It’s a basic statement that you have first to like and love the person that you see in the mirror in order the others to like and love you. Back to humour -keep the lines that are supposed to make her laugh unexpected and short.

Online Dating Tip 3

Telling long stories with funny end is not a quite good idea – the end might not be that funny and the whole reading might be in vain. Coming up with a witty line at the moment of writing an e-mail is not always possible.

It’s a good idea always to keep your ears opened for funny things, quotes, etc. Write them down the moment you hear them, or when they come to your

When used correctly, arrogance can be an amazing tool to help you attract women. When you’re slightly arrogant, females want to find a redeeming softer side to you. If you’re too arrogant or rude you will blow your chances.

Let’s look at Simon Cowell for a minute. When we first saw Simon on American Idol our first instinct was to hate the guy. We all said, “What an arrogant bastard”. Now us guys thought that and probably never gave it a second thought, but women around the world starting digging deeper. They thought, “There’s got to be something more to this guy”. Then as the season went on Simon began to give credit where credit was do. What began to happen was incredible. Whenever Simon gave a compliment, the audience and all of America (particularly women) began to cheer like crazy. Why did this happen? The reason is because people were so excited to see that redeeming quality they were searching for shine through. They knew there was some good in this guy. They found themselves wanting to like him. Randy Jackson who never played the mysterious, arrogant role at all didn’t get nearly the same response when he gave kudos to a contestant.

The key is to balance this confident arrogance with a sweet, vulnerable side. You can actually create a pattern with women where they’ll start being nice to you and doing all kinds of favors for you just to see that redeeming side of you peek through. It’s an amazing thing to watch when it’s done right. Personally I hate the idea of playing the arrogant role because I’m genuinely a nice, humble guy but it really works so I do it anyway. It even annoys me that women react well to this kind of attitude but unfortunately it’s a fact of life.

Remember not to be mean for the sake of being mean. I wouldn’t go as far as Simon, who actually crossed the line sometimes and became mean. Remember – you don’t have months and months on a TV show to redeem yourself like he does so you can’t afford to go as far with it as he has. But done properly, arrogance can really work for you.

A simple way you can begin to create the kind of dynamic that Simon does is to start calling girls out on things. Start “breaking her chops” in a playful way. When they are being lazy, call them lazy. If you don’t like her outfit, say, “I’m not really feeling that. You should wear something else”. Please don’t take this as a cue to go out and be MEAN to women. Instead it’s a cue to go out and be HONEST with women. Her behavior will actually begin to cater to making you happy and she’ll start working hard to bring the complimentary side out of you.

You can buy a woman flowers for the next ten years and it won’t matter unless you make her FEEL an attraction to you. Women don’t care how things work; they care how things make them feel. In all of the romance novels and soap operas women have been devouring since they were kids, the leading males are always untamable, strong men who sweep women off their feet.

This is the quality that many “jerks” have. Women don’t like the fact that the guy is actually a jerk – it’s just that jerks have a tendency to have more of this primal, uncontrollable dominance that the weaker, “nice” guys don’t have. The sweet guy thing works only when a woman is in desperate need of attention. It can work with some women, but it will only temporarily keep her happy.

They can’t help it fellas. They are simply responding to Mother Nature. Estrogen is a drug that induces feeling. It makes women want and need to feel everything. Testosterone is a hormone of aggression/achievement and dominance. The sooner we realize and accept these facts, the easier time we’ll have understanding the dating world.

Dating Advice 3 Important Tips That Will Help You

Is there any single person out there who does not need good dating advice? I don’t think so; if they did not need good dating tips, they would not still be single. So if you have been searching for the love of your life for a long time now, and you always seem to fall flat on your face when it comes to dating, you should remember to heed this dating advice. The three most important tips to successful dating are:

Relax. I know it easier said than done sometimes, but really, you simply must try to relax. When you get all uptight, it shows. You will probably drop your fork, trip over your shoelace, stutter or ramble on and on about nothing, or say something really stupid like, “You are not as fat as my friend said you were.” Tension is bad. Relaxation is good.

Live in the moment. I know that many folks out there in the dating world would like nothing better than to find their future husband or wife on a date and get to say goodbye to the dating scene forever. But immediately looking for the spouse-potential in every date means you are not focused on the here-and-now; all you are concentrating on is the future.

When you do that, you lose the joy of the present, and really, getting to know other people and enjoying time with them should be just as important as finding your true love. You will be more interesting to the other person and you will have more fun if you learn to focus on the moment.

Be yourself. I know you have spent your whole life being yourself, and so far it has not gotten you the person you want. Some of you probably put yourself on your best behavior mode or pretend to have interests that you really don’t have just because the other person has those interests. Trust me, this is never a good idea. If the date becomes a relationship, he is bound to find out that you never really read War and Peace. And she is bound to find out that you don’t really love to crochet baby blankets in your spare time.

So, whether you are finding your dates by visiting the singles’ bars, waiting for friends to introduce you, or joining one of the awesome new online dating sites, it is so important that you remember the above dating advice. The three most important tips will take you far and improve your dating life tremendously.

In today’s dating scene, it has never been more important to make the right impression.

Dating is the latest casualty in America’s constant effort to save time.

Online dating services, mobile connecting and speed dating have replaced long walks on the beach and lengthy dinner conversations.

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, renowned dating experts and co-authors of the New York Times best-selling series “The Rules,” are helping singles adjust to this new era with their latest dating advice.

“When you only have a few minutes to assess your date, you have to make a great impression,” says Fein. “Presentation is everything. Clothing goes a long way for men and women. Men are highly visual and can sense confidence. If you think you look good, he’ll think you look good. Men, don’t be sloppy. A well-dressed man is so much more appealing to a woman. And it’s okay to dab on a little cologne, but don’t overdo it or she’ll be running for the door!”

In addition to personal presentation, the car you drive matters. A new Ford Fusion singles survey says men and women agree that cars make an impression on a date.

Ninety-five percent of women and 89 percent of men are extremely or somewhat likely to notice a first date’s car; in addition, 52 percent of men made a connection with their date in a car, 50 percent of women promised a second date and nearly half of women experienced a first kiss in an automobile.

“Cars can tell you a lot about your date’s personality,” says Schneider. “Men, make your car work for you. Be sure to keep it clean. Throw away all of those fast food wrappers and get rid of the gym clothes and sports equipment. Also, be sure to ask her what music she wants to hear and open the doors. Chivalry is not dead. Ladies, if you are driving, get rid of the girlie things in the backseat. Nothing says needy like a stuffed teddy bear.”

It’s not just cleanliness or stuffed teddy bears that can make a difference.

Cars such as the Ford Fusion are designed to make the right impression. With leather interior and sporty design and handling, it’s just the right car to drive you to a second date.

Dating Advice For Manly Men

A lot of you think you’ve got it all figured out when it comes to dating women. But that kind of attitude is what can end you up in the no-date zone. Take a look at this dating advice for manly men and see how you stand.

First of all, if you’re someone who is still trying to figure out the other sex, take a step back for a bit and let it go. Instead of trying so hard to figure them out, try concentrating on you. You’ll do much better by trying to improve yourself than by trying to do things to attract women.

Start with the obvious. This might be the most popular dating advice for manly men but it is necessary. You’ve got to take care of yourself, look clean and healthy and feel that way. The first impression you make is vital to your dating life. This means trimming your eyebrows, nose hair and ear hair at every hair cut. As for the hair on the top of your head, some women like it long and some prefer short. The important point is that it is taken care of, healthy and brushed. Make sure that your nails and hands are clean as well.

What to wear is another area that a lot of men find challenging. Women like to see a sense of style. Make sure that the clothes you wear on your dates are clean, wrinkle-free and flatter you both in fit and color. If you’re not sure what colors match and what styles fit you, go shopping and ask the sales assistants for an honest opinion.

Once you’ve made sure of your outer appearance, you’ll see that you start to feel better about yourself inside as well. As your self esteem improves, you’ll see that women will become more attracted to you. Confidence (but not over-confidence) is key in the dating world.

Now that you’re looking the way you want to look and feeling more sure of yourself, you want to start setting some goals in terms of what you want from a relationship. As with anything, setting goals will get you where you want to be. Woman are attracted to men who know what they want – not to those who are just “going with the flow”.

Be yourself. This may be hard, especially if you are just getting back into dating and still trying to find yourself. But you do have opinions and thoughts about certain subjects. Voice them and don’t change them to go along with the woman you are dating. If you have drastic differences in opionion that cause you to argue, then she might not be the woman for you. Don’t change the way you feel. Just move on or agree to disagree.

Being yourself also means being honest and sincere about everything, even things you would prefer to lie about because they would put you in a better light.

If you follow the above pieces of dating advice for manly men, you’re on your way to enjoying the dating world.

When it comes to dating, it’s not just the women who worry about, will he like me, will we get on, what shall I wear etc etc. In actual fact, most man go through all the above fears just like women do. It would be nice if we could read just one book or article and know everything we need to know about women, relationships and dating. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

The best dating advice often seems to come from people who have been in the same situations as ourselves and have gained some comforting wisdom that we can relate to.

When dating, the thing we should always remember is that advice is simply what someone else thinks might assist you. The person giving this advice may not necessarily have any idea of your true state of mind of your particular circumstances, therefore it is always important to take note of what advice you have been given, others opinions are valuable, as it may help you to form your own opinion on what’s right for you.

Below are some helpful hints and advice, some may suit you and others may not. Remember these hints are not set in stone, you may want to adjust some to suit your own personal goals.

1. The worst thing you could do when going on a date is to turn up unshaven and looking dirty. You would be appalled if she turned up in the same state. It may be fickle but unfortunately it’s true appearances count for a lot.

2. Whatever you do, don’t turn up late, you will definitely give her the wrong impression. Not only will she think you’ve stood her up, she will also think you’re unreliable.

3. Be a gentleman, open the door for her, pull out her chair in the restaurant. Women like to feel special, treat her like a lady and you’ll do well.

4. Compliment her. A woman loves to be complimented, even if she doesn’t show it. Don’t go overboard though, but let her feel you are attracted to her.

5. Ask questions and genuinely listen to her answers. After all you are going on a date to get to know her. There is nothing more that a woman likes than when someone is interested in what they have to say.

6. Prepare yourself for the date. Think about what it is you would like to find out about her. Also think about what she might ask you. The last thing you want is for the conversation to dry up half way into the date.

7. It is advisable that you dont bring up adult matters or sex toys for example on at least the first 3 dates. In the long run this can only do you good and she will certainly be more interested in you if you hold back.

8. When it comes to paying the bill, offer to pay. If she insists on paying, then offer to go halves and split the bill.

9. What about the goodnight kiss? Some women prefer not to kiss after a first date, while others will be disappointed if you don’t. Judge the situation for yourself, her body language will give you a good idea of what’s right.

10. When leaving, only ask for her number or tell her you will call if you really mean it. In the long run this will be best for both of you. If you do like her and are interested, then don’t be afraid to let her know.

Dating Advice For Men From The Biological Standpoint

Are you one of the millions of men who wonders what makes women tick? Why do some men have all the luck with women and others can’t even seem to get a date? Here’s some dating advice for men from a biological point of view.

As you’ve probably already figured out, women do not think like men. So don’t make your decisions based on what you would say, think or act like. And the first thing you need to do is focus more on how women show what they want instead of what they say what they want.

Some women are consistent what they say and what they show. But many times, this isn’t the case. A woman may say that she wants someone who listens to her. But the guy she decides to date is someone who is always talking. She says the most important quality in a man is his sense of humor. But she chooses a really good looking bore.

Why does this contradiction take place? In their defense, women don’t do this consciously. It happens because what the women thinks she wants and what she biologically needs may be two different things. Biologically, women are wired to have children. And their natural instincts are to choose the best provider for themselves and their children. This doesn’t necessarily mean he will be a good listener or have a great sense of humor.

Again, take this dating advice for men from the biological point of view. . .women are looking for men who will be good providers in both the short and long term. They see this quality in healthy, strong, confident men.

Another point they will focus on (even if they don’t tell you this, and even if they tell you otherwise) is your job. Once again, it’s all about being a good provider. The better job or the more career goals you have, the better you look in her eyes.

And it’s not just about the money. Women want to see that their men know how to manage their money in a way that it is beneficial to the whole family. This is one reason that many women really place a high value on expensive gifts. Take jewelry for example. When you give a woman a piece of jewelry, you are showing her in a roundabout sort of way that you can provide for in the future.

Nowadays most people make livings by using their brains and not their brawn. But women are still wired to perceive strength as equal to the ability to provide.

So, the biggest piece of relationship advice for men is to figure out what women need from an evolutionary point of view and give it to her.

Hopefully this dating advice for men from a biological viewpoint helps you get an idea of what women are really looking for, whether they know it or not!

Dating Advice For Short Men The Dos And Donts

Dating can be fun and invigorating or it can be frustrating and intimidating for anyone, men and women alike. And many people start to focus on the parts of themselves that they like the least when they start dating. While your “defects” may not even come into your date’s mind, they may definitely be on yours.

If you happen to be a little shorter than the average guy, you may feel that you’ve already got one strike against you. You shouldn’t feel like that and this dating advice for short men will explain why.

A lot of short men feel that they can’t compete for a woman’s attention if they’re standing next to a tall guy. Believe it or not, this is definitely not true. The reality is that some women are attracted to tall men and some women are attracted to short men.

And a good rule to follow is this: what you are lacking in height, you can make up for in other qualities. For example, Women love confidence in men. But don’t overdo it or confuse confidence with arrogance. Just don’t make your height an issue and the women you date won’t make it an issue either.

Here is one of the best pieces of dating advice for short men. We all know that many women love a good sense of humor. So be funny. This is one of the best dating tips for short guys. If you feel comfortable with it, you can even include your height in your jokes. Again, don’t focus only on that.

If you do, your date will soon realize that this so-called joke is really an issue in disguise. But if you can make your date laugh without being self-deprecating, she will surely be impressed. A word of caution, this doesn’t mean you need to bring up one slapstick joke after the other. Use subtle humor to your advantage in normal conversation.

And here’s one of the most common mistakes that short men make when it comes to dating. They don’t even try. You shouldn’t ever allow your height to get in the way of meeting a woman you find attractive by immediately assuming that she only likes tall men. If you put some of these above tips into action, you’ll soon realize that women don’t even notice your height because they are bowled over by your charm.

And finally, when you do approach a woman, get out of your own head and away from your insecurities and focus on what she is saying. Nothing turns a woman on more than if you are interested in her. Ask her questions about herself and listen to her answers. You don’t want to go overboard on this and just rattle off question after question either. Just show her that you are genuinely interested.

Remember, how you feel about yourself has a direct influence on how others feel about you. You have the power to control how women fell about you so don’t leave it to wishes and chance. Take action with the above pieces of dating advice for short men.

Dating Advice For Singles

For those people that are unattached and trying to get in the middle of the dating scene, there are some pointers that you may be able to use in trying to land a great dating partner. Most dating advice you’ll find is meant to help you become a part of a couple and no longer single. In addition, it’s mostly common sense stuff that you probably already knew but had simply forgotten. Dating in the 21st century is a lot different than in any other era, but it’s a lot of fun and can be the highlight of your life.
When you’re single, there are many doors that you can open in trying to meet that potential dating partner. However, the first thing you need to do before you start opening any of those doors is figure out what you’re looking for in a dating relationship. Then, you’ll know exactly where to look and how to make your approach to the person that interests you.
Typical places to find dating partners are through friends, at schools, churches and any other places that you may frequent. Now, your close friends that are in relationships will usually be thrilled to set you up with someone that they just KNOW is perfect for you. This can be an excellent idea or it can be a disaster. It kind of depends on just how well your friends actually know you.
If you’re religious, chances are you’re part of a church in your community. Many churches have groups for singles that allow them to mix and mingle with each other. People with the same beliefs and values are usually pretty good matches. You’ll already have something major in common and religious views are usually very important in relationships.
Another way to meet potential dating partners is through the Internet. There are literally hundreds of thousands of dating websites these days to choose from. If you don’t want to join a dating site, there are also chat rooms set up for people to get to know each other. The websites are usually safer and offer a more organized way of meeting the right people, though.
A unique dating venue that’s been around for several years is that of speed dating. Organizations put together events for singles of all kinds to attend. The attendees are then given anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes with each other to get acquainted. Once everyone has spent some time together, the event is ended. Anyone that’s interested in being contacted by someone they chatted with will pass this information on to the organizers and that will be given to the person in question. What happens after that is in the hands of the chosen ones. This isn’t a free way of meeting dating partners but it can be a fun way to spend an evening.
Just remember that no matter how you choose to find your dating partners, be safe about it. Go slow at first and take all precautions. You’ll be happy you did.

Dating Advice For The Holidays And New Couple

If you just met someone new you might need some dating advice for the holidays on how to approach the holiday as a new couple. You could plan to spend the holiday with your respective families and then plan some time for just the two of you during the holiday. By talking with your significant other about your expectations, you can plan a first Christmas that will be enjoyable and memorable.

Talk with each other to figure out when you can have your personal little celebration. If you have only recently started dating, you might already have long-standing plans to be out of town for the holiday. Of course, your holiday plans might also include your new love. Talk to each other so that the two of you can decide when you will be able to spend time together over the Christmas holiday.

More dating advice for the holidays is to talk about whether the two of you are ready to meet each other’s families and if you are at that point in your relationship then call home and tell Mom that there will be one more at the table for Christmas dinner. Even if you have already met her Mom and Dad, it might not be time to spend Christmas with her whole family just yet.

Every relationship is unique to the two individuals in it so talk with each other and figure out what is right and what you are both ready for and if you do decide to just make some time to be alone then that is the right thing to do. Do not let anyone ever pressure you into doing something you are not ready to do.

Gift giving can be somewhat overwhelming at times and the Christmas season is no exception. Select a gift appropriate for whatever stage you are in your relationship. Your first Christmas spent together as a new couple may not be the time to for expensive, more personal gifts.

The type of gift you purchase depends on whether you have just had a few dates, you have been dating for a few months or if you have been together for a long time. The more time you have spent together, the more personal of a gift you might want to buy.

For example, if you have only been on a coouple of dates with a new guy you might want to buy him something wearable like a hat or jersey with the name of his favorite sports team on it. If you have a new lady in your life, then you might want to buy her a pretty necklace or a bottle of her favorite cologne.

The last bit of dating advice for the holidays is to plan some time with your new loved one when the two of you can relax and enjoy each other during the holiday season. Spend some time cooking a nice meal and enjoying it with some wine and candlelight or relax in front of the fireplace while watching a holiday movie on TV.

Dating Advice For Women

Many women are nervous during the initial phases of a relationship and they mess up their chances with a guy right off the bat. I hate to see this happen, so I’ve compiled some dating advice for women.

1.) Be yourself – You won’t be able to keep up a façade forever. So, don’t start a relationship by playing a role. You will want to play to your strengths and present your best face to your date. But don’t try to fool him into thinking you are someone you are not. First of all, you can’t keep it up for the long haul. But, more importantly, you don’t want him falling in love with an image. If you are an outspoken person, it’s best to not temper your views just to make a good impression. That is not the person you are, so don’t make him think it is.

2.) Be confident – You are a worthy person and you have a lot to offer. Many women have low self esteem and they lack the confidence needed to be successful on a date. But, guys like confident women. They need to know that they will have a partner. They don’t want to carry all of the weight in the relationship. If you are confident, you will have a much higher chance of getting a second date.

3.) Be positive – No guy wants to hear about how awful your day was, how your mom annoys you, or how your boss doesn’t appreciate your work. He wants to hear that you have a happy outlook on life. Face it: who would you rather spend time with, a person who is depressed and down in the dumps all of the time or someone who is optimistic about the future? That’s his answer too!

4.) Express your opinions – Too many women are afraid to express their opinions about things for fear of turning a guy off. But men don’t want doormats. They want to be with interesting women. And interesting women have opinions. While some cavemen may think that a woman must mirror his opinions, a real man is comfortable enough with his own views to appreciate hearing a different perspective. And, if he’s not comfortable with your opinions now, he won’t be in six months!

5.) Accept compliments – One of the biggest mistakes women make is to turn aside compliments. Men like to tell the women in their lives that they are attractive, sexy, or smart. Almost by reflex, women deflect these complements. If he says he likes your hair, don’t tell him about how awful it really looks. Just say, thank you and smile. When you can take a compliment in stride, you are a more attractive date.

6.) Show the guy a good time – He’s only going to want to go out with you on a second date if he has fun on the first date. If he laughs a lot during the date, he is going to want to come back for more.

7.) Give yourself an escape route – Never go out on a date with a guy that you don’t know well if you don’t have an escape route. It’s best to meet somewhere public on a first date rather than have him pick you up at your home. If you do let him pick you up, make sure you have cab fare home. Let your roommates or friends know who you are going out with. Don’t find yourself in a dangerous situation just because you haven’t been cautious enough up front.

Those seven tips are may best dating advice for women.

Dating Advice For Women – What You Should Know

The wonderful world of dating. Whether it’s the life you’ve always lead or you’re just getting back into it after the end of a long-term relationship, dating can be tricky sometimes to say the least. But things can be simpler if you understand where the men you are dating are coming from. Here is some dating advice for women of modern times.

The problem with modern dating from the man’s point of view:

Women have come a long way in the last few decades in terms of gaining independence, equality and power. But many men feel that women want to have their cake and eat it too. They want equality without taking taking responsibility for it. They want men who are confident, but not so confident as to threaten their positions. They want to make as much or more money than men make, but they expect the man to pay when they go out. They want to have their freedom when it’s convenient (a night out with the girls) but expect the man to drop everything when they need him.

A lot of men feel that women aren’t acting like women anymore. They miss the softer, more feminine woman of yesteryear. If you can still treat a man like he’s your hero, he’ll do anything for you. If you constantly act like you could do without him, he’ll learn to despise you very quickly.

Be obvious when you’re interested:

This is a really important piece of dating advice for women. If you want a guy to know that you’re interested, you need to be pretty direct about it. A really easy way to do this is with eye contact. Make contact with his eyes and then hold it for longer than “the appropriate amount of time”. Then look away quickly. If you look back a couple of seconds later and he is looking at you, the best thing to do is smile and keep eye contact for another couple of seconds. And then look away again. If he’s attacted enough and confident enough, he’ll approach you. It’s as simple as that.

Be honest and confident:

If you’re attacted to a guy, be honest with him and let him know. Don’t be too pushy about it. Just be direct. If he’s interested, he will be paying attention to any little hint you give that you are interested. Screaming it out at the top of your lungs will get you nowhere fast.

Personalities vary:

Different things will attract different guys. Just like women, men have different things that will get their attention. Some men are less aggressive and more shy. Some like for the woman to approach them instead of vice versa. Don’t think that just because a man is shy that he is a wimp. Many times it just means that he holds you up on a pedestal.

If you understand this dating advice for women, you’ve already eliminated a great deal of modern world dating confusion.