daybed bedding sets

One of the most attractive and charming pieces of furniture you can have in a home is a daybed. It’s not only comfortable to sit on but it serves a dual purpose in that it can double as a bed when you’ve got company staying over. With all the different daybed bedding sets available there is sure to be one that fits into your home’s décor.

Every homeowner has their own unique sense of style. Some enjoy the simple and yet sophisticated look of white walls and furniture all in one color, others have a more eclectic style and they are apt to purchase things that are brightly colored with intricate patterns. There is daybed bedding sets available in a full range of colors and styles so you are certain to find one that looks made to fit into your room.

Although some people prefer to purchase linen separates there are a few benefits to buying everything all at one time. With daybed bedding sets you can expect to get a cover, the shams and a bed skirt all in the same color scheme and pattern. This makes for a complete look once it’s placed on the daybed. It’s also generally considerably less expensive to purchase daybed bedding sets as opposed to the pieces by themselves.

When living in a small space it can be a challenge to fit all the pieces of furniture you need into the room without crowding it. Many college students who live in dorm rooms want both a sitting and sleeping area. This is difficult when you are only working with a room that is as big as a typical bedroom. A daybed works well in this instance. With brightly colored daybed bedding sets the college student can have a spot to visit with friends as well as a comfortable bed to sleep in at night.

The same is true of adults who live in bachelor pads or studio suites. Instead of purchasing a sofa and a bed, this piece of furniture can handle it all. There are many daybed bedding sets that consist of a solid comforter with striped or printed pillow shams. This looks sophisticated when used as the cover of a sofa and visitors may not even realize they are sitting on a daybed.

As with any type of linens, these do need to be cleaned from time to time especially if it’s also being used as a sleeping spot. Depending on the fabric used in the daybed bedding sets you may need to visit the drycleaner. If this isn’t the case, you can wash them on the delicate setting in a machine and dry them on gentle in the dryer. With proper care you should expect your daybed bedding sets to last for years.

Daybed Frames

Though I think daybeds are great, I have never seen one in which I didn’t have a problem with the frame. Perhaps I have only seen ones that are very inexpensive, but because of the nature of the daybed, it seems they are not made to be very strong. The daybed frames seem to work rather easily, and they never seem to last very long after that. I guess the daybed is made for only made for occasional use, so perhaps that is why they are not as strong as they should be. If you ever had one of these, you probably know what I am talking about.

Most daybed frames I have seen are made of metal, but this was not a strong metal. Instead of being made out of iron or steel, these daybed frames are made of hollow steel piping that is weak enough to be bent by hand. I have no idea why anybody would want to make a bed frames out of such a week material, but it seems to be the only material I have ever seen used for this purpose. It is almost as if these daybeds were made for a decoration rather than as a real working bed.

I almost think there is only one company that makes daybeds, and they are all made with these weak bed frames. Each of them that I have seen has had some problem or another with the frame. There is usually at least one bent bar that causes the bed to be lopsided and in turn, the bed doesn’t last very long. The only daybed frames I have seen have been painted white and have brass colored accents. Not only have I seen these daybed frames in homes, I have also see them laying along the side of the road broken and ready to go to the trash.

If you are looking for a good bed, you probably want to skip the daybed frames I have just described. Go to a furniture store and ask for one that has wood frames so that you can be sure your day bed is more durable and will last longer than a few months. If someone tries to give you one of these weak daybed frames, you may want to check it over before you accept the gift. If this is something your child is going to be sleeping on, you want it to be strong and secure. Not all daybed frames are weak, but why would you want to take the chance.