Dealing With A Flirty Best Friend

Best friends are some of the most wonderful things to have in the world. You share secrets, go places with them, and just enjoy spending time together. Yes, having a best friend can certainly make life grand! On the other hand, having a best friend that seems to feel that it’s ok to flirt with your boyfriend can be rather a pain in the ass. This is especially true when the best friend in question is pretty hot looking and doesn’t mind using her looks to gain the attention that should be yours. It’s a touchy situation, for sure.
Now, you can, of course, rectify the situation by simply dumping the best friend. That’s not out of the question because, honestly, if she’s flirting with your boyfriend, she’s kind of showing the disrespect she has for you. After all, she is treating something that’s supposed to belong to you as if he’s hers. However, if you’re sure that you want to continue this friendship, there are some other ways to handle it.
The first one is also the most direct one. Sit her down and tell her that you don’t appreciate her flirting with your boyfriend. Don’t beat around the bush, either. Tell her that you can see what she’s doing and that you consider it very disrespectful of her to do that to you. Ask her how she would feel if you were to start flirting shamelessly with her boyfriend. Be sure let her know how serious you are about her needing to stop.
Another way to get your point across is by mimicking her behavior. In short, you start flirting with her boyfriend. Show her what it feels like to have her boyfriend hit on right in front of her. She’ll more than likely not appreciate it at all and will approach you about it. That will give you the perfect opening you need to make her see how she’s making you feel.
Something else you can try is confronting her right in front of your boyfriend and anyone else that may be around. If she’s being blatant enough for you to notice the flirting, chances are good that others have noticed it as well. This behavior may have even caused others to be embarrassed about it. So they’ll totally understand why you’re calling her out on it in front of them.
None of these are totally foolproof but they’re better than doing nothing at all. More than likely, your feelings for her are going to erode after so many instances of her flirting with your boyfriend so it will be easier to cut her out of your life. Before you make that decision, though, take a close look at how your boyfriend is responding to her attention. If he’s encouraging it, then he needs to go right along with your about-to-be ex-best friend because he obviously doesn’t know how to act in a relationship any more than your friend does. Drop them both and don’t look back.