Dude i Wish My Phone Had A Ringtones Like That

Truth be told, there’s no reason for anyone to suffer with the standard, boring, century-old traditional telephone ringtone that is standard on most cellular phones. Through the miracle of the internet, anyone can access great cell phone ringtones to showcase their own unique style, hobbies, and interests.

Where Cell Phone Ringtones Come From

There are actually a ton of places where you can get cell phone ringtones. If you’re really technologically talented, you can copy songs and load them onto your cell phone yourself. Most of us, though, don’t have the knowledge or the patience for that.

It’s very easy to set a ringtones on your mobile phone. Some monophonic ringtones already placed in your mobile PHONE by the company as an extra added feature. But to have more ringtones for your mobile, you can download ring tones from the Internet. There are thousands of ringtones available on many websites.

The first thing is to find out the ringtone of your choice and then picking up the good one which is compatible with your mobile model. There are some sites that charge you for downloading ringtones and some offer free ringtone facility. Once you decide upon a ringtone, have a preview and test it and then save it in your mobile’s memory.

Most of us are best off hitting the internet for unique ringtones. The internet gives you access to literally thousands of cell phone ringtones—everything from rude noises to exhaust sounds to classical music or your favorite tune.

On the internet, ringtones are available both for free and for a small fee. Either way, there is little expense involved in getting a unique ringtone for your cell phone, and the minimized effort is usually well worth the minimized price.

Why A New Cell Phone Ringtone?

It’s true that all cell phones come standard with a ringtone. Many even come with a few ringtone options. So why bother replacing your ringtone with one (or more) you download online?

Here are some of the top reasons to get a new cell phone ring tone:

• Personal ringtones let you personalize your sound, so your phone is more recognizable in a crowd (this answers the question—is that you or me?)

• Several cell phone ringtones allow you to set one specific ringtone for each of your most common callers; that way, you never have to look to see who is calling or decide whether to hit ‘send’ or ‘silence’.

• Personal ringtones let you show off your tastes and styles without ever having to say a word.

• A variety of cell phone ringtones allow you to change your ringtone to suit your mood (or your company).

• Customized ring tones allow you to replace bothersome, annoying ringtones with more appealing and/or soothing sounds.

• New cell phone ringtones are just plain fun!

Now what better reason could there be than that?

Whatever your reason, there is a huge selection of cell phone ringtones available on the internet for little or no money. These are tones that you can use to personalize your sound, show off a bit, or just play around with. Custom ringtones are all the ‘rage’ right now, and their popularity has made easy access to unique ringtones simple.