Duke Basketball Tickets

Duke basketball tickets have long been some of the most difficult basketball tickets to find in the United States. The program has been almost a gold standard by which all other programs are measured, and that includes not only their on-court success but also their sterling reputation as student athletes. No one questions the fact that Duke runs a clean and successful program under the legendary stewardship of Mike Krzyzewski.

However, the 2006-07 season has been a disappointment for the Blue Devils, and that was never more apparent than in their recent loss to arch-rival North Carolina. The Blue Devils played extremely hard and extremely well, but still could not overcome the talent and ability of the Tar Heels. Below we’ll examine whether this season is an indication of things to come or merely a minor blip on their radar by examining a few specific issues.


Although youth is becoming somewhat of an antiquated problem in college basketball as more and more stars leave early for the NBA, Duke is an extremely young team. The Blue Devils’ rotation features only one junior and no seniors who average more than one minute in playing time per game, and none of their starters are averaging more than 14 points per game. Simply put, the Blue Devils are still learning how to win, and that can only come with time.


Duke may not only lack experience, but several experts have noted the Blue Devils’ overall lack of pure athleticism on the floor at any given time. This was on display in a prevalent way against North Carolina, as Duke was on fire early and stormed to a big lead. However, they simply could not hold on as the Tar Heels sent waves of athletes to the hoop and attacked the floor and Duke’s defense mercilessly. Duke just could not handle that pressure on either end of the floor, and what looked to be a potential upset wound up being an extremely bitter loss, leaving those lucky enough to score Duke basketball tickets for this classic rivalry game disappointed.


Luckily, Duke has a couple of factors working in its favor. First, their biggest “star” is their coach, and he’s taken under-talented teams to overachieving levels several times in the past, and there isn’t any doubt that he can do so again. Secondly, Duke does still sit with a record of 18-6, which means that barring a total collapse, they’ll still be able to get into the NCAA Tournament, where anything can happen in a single-elimination format.

Overall, Duke has had a few tough years during Krzyzewski’s time in Durham, and they’ve always bounced back. Basically, Duke basketball tickets are still worth the effort to obtain, as this is a program that won’t stay down for long.