Dump Those Shady Timeshares

With all the disadvantages of timeshare properties,
especially the one where people get suckered into a
scam, have been ticked off many clients, all coming
from different facets of society. Yes, there are cheap
ones if you dig the industry long enough or scan
through Ebay as frequently as possible, finding that
once-in-a-lifetime deal. But they’re usually shady, so
don’t even think about investing in them.

Furthermore, people don’t usually use their timeshares
as often as possible; meaning, you won’t get enough
points for that extra perks and benefits that will
make your vacation more worthwhile. And don’t forget
the astronomical maintenance fees that eat up a huge
chunk of your income. After all is said and done, it
seems as if you’ll get more of a headache rather than
a vacation.

Planning for that month-long break shouldn’t be as
scary and tasking as that. And trying to get a
timeshare exactly does those things to you. A way to
solve this is to join a Resort Club, where all the
perks and accommodations are at you fingertips by just
a little conversation with the clerks and a little
sign on the dotted line.

The best club membership where you get exclusivity,
connections and fair price is from the Global Resorts
Network. Let’s look at the benefits that they give:


The Platinum Plan, as listed down in
www.globalresortsnetwork.com, says that you get
unlimited access and vacations for only $2,995 a year.
Timeshares, on the other hand, cost around $15,000 to
$35,000 a year, with the only advantage being that
they give customizable amenities to the client. You’re
not some hotshot investment banker who can afford
anything he/she wants, right? Global Resorts Network
will give you all the luxury that any stressed-out
person needs for only about a tenth the price an
average timeshare offers. That’s what you call a big

They offer you a slew of options, making you decide if
you want to be in a hotel, a cottage or an apartment.
They provide you with car rentals and cruises on top
of the top-of-the line service that they serve you. If
you just want to take a vacation for a mere week,
prices can get as low as $300 a year, excluding some
miscellaneous fees. So to speak, you definitely get
the bang for your buck in these club memberships.

Lastly, starting from 1999, they had put a step
forward in membership benefits and convenience by
offering online reservation, with access to their
world-wide database to their resorts, with some
friendly customer support people all willing to help
you find the best location and price. They also ensure
that their travel and staff are one of the most
experienced in the travel industry, making their
advice very valuable for the casual vacationer.


With all the horrid flaws of timeshares, namely the
possible scams that might walk your way and the huge
maintenance and initial costs, it has been off the
vacationer’s radar for a while now. People want a
safe, convenient and hassle-free vacation where they
won’t worry about the money they have to spend but the
enjoyment that they will feel. Global Resorts Network
ensures that with their exceptional and experienced
staff along with their low prices and selection of
companies. So to say, resort memberships should be
your target when you’re planning for a vacation.