Duplicate Versus Delegate

This is it! You can have it! The life you’ve always dreamed of…Explode your Income…etc,etc,etc… Sound familiar?

Do you really need another person tell you the Secret to Wealth on the Internet? The next time some guru, upline, company trainer or Joe Heavy Hitter tells you to Duplicate, run for the nearest restroom and be sick. That word, Duplicate, is the reason you have lost so much money trying to make money.

If you change your mindset from duplicate to delegate, you will start earning the kind of money you started your business to make. Notice, I did not say: Buy my deal and start earning money Buy my course and start earning money Join my downline and start making money All I said was change your mindset. Stop thinking duplicate and start thinking delegate. Successful CEO’s delegate not duplicate You are the CEO of your business It doesn’t matter that your business is a Home Business 95% of Home Business Owners fail. They have been taught to Duplicate Fortune 500 company CEO’s Delegate They delegate marketing, sales and training to professionals. If you are duplicating you are using a concept that has produced a 95% failure rate.

Great, you agree, delegation is where it’s at. But, you still have one small issue. That’s all good, but I’m in a home business, I can’t afford to hire salespeople, customer service people, marketing people, trainers, etc. First, you’re only small because you’ve been duplicating, next, you can build a team without having to hire, train and take on overhead. In fact, there are a couple of ways to build your team. Imagine this: You spend 30 minutes a day managing your online lead generation software. That software generates a daily stream of prospects. You forward the prospects to your sales staff, they handle everything, you then get an email notifying you of your new downline member. By the way, because you now have sales people making your calls, you decide to build multiple streams of income. This my friend is called affiliate marketing. You now have other income streams producing that long term residual income, you know the kind that just keeps on giving?

Next, your system automatically sends your new downline member instructions to plug into your company training and system and the live training system where you have experts training your people. My friend that’s how it works when you delegate and work with systems. There it is. The Dream Home Business Marketing System. Home Business has been changed forever. As it should. Welcome to the 21st Century.