Dvla’s Personalised Number Plates Auction A Success

The DVLA enjoyed continued success with their latest auction of previously un-issued personalized number plates.The last auction was held at Dormy House Hotel,Broadway,Worcestershire on the 5th,6th and 7th of September 2007. Bids were taken by letter,telephone,on line and of course in person in the room.

Top price paid was £31000 + vat + auctioneers commission + transfer fee ( approx £38750 total ) for the number 111 S,not sure why that went for so much, seems a lot if it was bought to go on a Lotus Elise. Other notable high prices were £17800 for 67 A and £17100 for 551 KHS ( presumably because it resembles SIKHS ). 1 numbers continue to demand high prices with 1 LHR achieving £13700and 1 PLA £13000.

Lowest prices were £250 with the best value one of these being L92 UKE at £300 .Other genuine bargains in the lower price range were E10 MAX at £600 and DOU 99Y at £800 .Prices in general seemed to be higher than those achieved in auctions held earlier in the year.There were fewer good numbers where no-one had attended to bid which are traditionally mopped up by the dealers.

Surprisingly unsold numbers were 4 HPS , 13 LEO ,786 RAV.
Total income for the DVLA ( or treasury if you like ) was in excess of £4 million and as the DVLA have no purchase costs ,as they are un-issued numbers that have not been used previously this is a very healthy figure to achieve.

The next auction of personalised number plates is on the 24th,25th and 26th October and will be held at Down Hall,Bishop Stortford in Hartfordshire.A catalogue can be ordered by calling 0800 089 2222. You can bid in person,by phone , by letter or on-line but you must register in advance.If you are bidding for a high value registration number it may be best for you to attend in person so you can absorb the whole experience which will make your number all the more enjoyable but make sure you set yourself a limit as most bidders get carried away and pay far more than they intended.