Easy Share

If you are looking for great digital photos and quality prints, easy sharing capabilities, and a system to take the hassle of out putting your photos online, you should consider investing in the Kodak Easy Share system. Kodak has made taking great pictures easy for the average person, and has made printing and sharing them as easy as a touching a button. When you use the Easy Share program and system, you are simply using your head.

The Easy Share digital camera is generally easy to use, and how much memory and what features you want will depend on what you want out of your camera and how much you have to spend. You can buy your camera separately, or you can buy it with the Easy Share dock. This dock connects your camera to your computer or your Easy Share printer so that you can print your pictures straight from your camera, or you can load them directly to your computer.

When you buy an Easy Share system, you get the simple shortcuts that make life easier. When you send your photos to your computer, they can also be automatically sent to your Kodak Easy Share online photo album. Once they are there, you can send out an email to invited family and friends to view your photos instantly. This is much easier than most other brands, as most of the steps of uploading and sharing have been made much easier.

You can’t use just any printer with the Easy Share dock and camera, however, as you have to get one made for printing photos. I am not sure, as I don’t own one yet, but you may have to buy the Kodak Easy Share printer to go with the rest of your Kodak products. This printer will automatically print your pictures and adjust the size as they do so. You will have to buy special paper however, but for the most part, the pictures I have seen that were printed by the Kodak Easy Share system were both vibrant and clear. If you enjoy taking pictures, it is a great investment to make in today’s digital world.

If you don’t feel like paying full price for an Easy Share system, you can look online for used or discounted models. Because so many new cameras come out each year, you can save money by buying an older model of camera while still getting great pictures and accessories. Don’t forget to look on eBay, and make sure you know what you are buying if you buy used.