Ebook Review: The Rich Jerk

File Size: 1,116kb Zipped, 688kb Unzipped.
Number of Pages: 63
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Subject: A guide to making money on the Internet.

If you have seen his website then you probably think that the Rich Jerk is some arrogant, rude, jerk. Aside from that little is known about the true identity of the Rich Jerk. He does make quite regular posts in his blog located at http://www.therichjerk.com/blog/ which does give you an insight. He has also held the top spot on ClickBank and still holds a relatively high position today. Other than that the Rich Jerk and his identity is still shrouded in mystery.

“The Rich Jerk’s Guide to making Money on the Internet” (to give the ebook its full name) details seven ideas you can use to make money on the internet which are:
· Creating an Affiliate Website!!
· Search Engine Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategies!!
· Search Engine Optimisation!!
· Selling your own Information Product!!
· Buying wholesale and selling on eBay!!
· Websites you can make Profitable Right Now!!

For each of the above topics the Rich Jerk explains how you would go about setting them up. On top of this he has also included bonus materials which include; “Other Online Ventures to consider”, “Supplemental Info for Beginners”, and “Quality Products Services that are Recommended.”

Overall, the Rich Jerk is a good ebook for beginners as it gets you thinking about how to set up multiple income streams on the Internet, which is essential for long-term success. It also provides you with enough information to set up each of the above income streams on your own. However, if you want to take each income stream to the next level you will likely have to purchase an ebook related to that stream e.g. an ebook specialising in affiliate marketing. That is the main problem with the Rich Jerk, it is aimed mainly at beginners, and therefore lacks depth. If you are thinking of setting up one or more of the above income streams then the Rich Jerk is a good beginners guide, but if you are reasonably knowledgeable in the above fields then the Rich Jerk is unlikely to tell you anything new. When I purchased this ebook I was relatively unfamiliar with Internet Marketing outside of eBay so the Rich Jerk proved a useful reference point for me to expand my websites. If you are in this situation the Rich Jerk would be a useful purchase. If not your money would be best spent elsewhere.

· Provides a variety of useful, applicable ideas for making money on the Internet.
· The language is concise and straight to the point with no technical jargon.
· As a reader you are unlikely to have thought about all the possible money making strategies detailed in this ebook.

· It is aimed at the beginner so if you are looking to specialise in one particular area this ebook will not be useful.
· Lacks depth in certain areas and some issues are merely skimmed over.

As I have already stated, prior to reading the Rich Jerk I only sold ebooks on eBay. Reading the Rich Jerk opened my eyes to the importance of Internet Marketing outside of eBay. In particular I began to use Google Adsense and ClickBank’s Affiliate Program on my websites. I also began to promote my website through Article Submission (one of the best ways to drive free traffic to your website) and Pay per Click Advertising. Without reading the Rich Jerk I would never have considered these avenues for my business.