Ebooks And Growing Residual Income

From a consumer’s point of view the cost of ebook purchases are undeniably less expensive than their paper counterpart. Many of these ebooks can be downloaded to portable devices allowing consumers to read the material virtually anywhere they go.

Mainstream publishers have caught the vision and have provided several high profile titles as ebook downloads. Some established authors are testing the waters by making new titles available exclusive by ebook download. This very action helps us understand the belief that ebooks may well be the maverick future of publishing.

Whether you have a work that is non-fiction and knowledge-based or a work of fiction, the self-distribution of your manuscript as an ebook allows you the greatest return on investment while giving you maximum control over the creative direction of your manuscript.

Another benefit comes in the worldwide availability of the ebook. You do not have to worry about the book making it to brick and mortar stores because it can be purchased and downloaded by anyone with an Internet connection.

Some authors have moved forward with traditional publishing techniques and find they either lose some control over the direction of the manuscript or, if they self-publish, they are saddled with significant upfront costs as well as warehousing issues.

The development of an ebook is a fraction of the cost of self-publishing while enabling the author to receive similar or greater returns.

The use of an ebook reseller allows you to release your creative work and permit someone else the opportunity to resell your work and account for the payment of all downloads. It should be noted there is typically a fee associated with this service, but for many, the hands-free nature of the service makes it an attractive proposition.

This situation also provides a means of moving forward with new manuscripts without the need to deal with managing the sale and distribution of your completed works.

Ebooks have become a solid means of achieving home-based business success. There are reports of many successful ebook businesses that have supplied their owners with enough money to pay the majority of their monthly bills without the need for constant oversight. Essentially these entrepreneurs are finding ebooks are a perfect compliment to other passions or interest these owners may have in business.

Many web-based entrepreneurs have discovered that income derived from a residual source (like ebook sales) is a prime component to a feeling of freedom when there is a need to take some time away from a home-based business.