Ebooks – The Quiet Cash Contributor

When it comes to the sale of ebooks there are arguments indicating the purchase of ebooks may see a lower conversion rate than other retail products. The conversion rate for ebooks is equivalent to one ebook purchase for every 200 visitors.

The argument seems to be that the sale of ebooks may be a waste of time in an online business environment. I would argue that the sale of ebooks in an online store might be more of the equivalent of found money than a poor business decision.

The reason this is true follows a rather simple form of logic; you simply make a title or series of titles available with an online shopping cart and password protected download form, add a little long and short term marketing strategies and, if it were a stew, you just let it simmer. It can be a tasty combination.

Unlike most online stores the sale of ebooks does not require the time intensive and expensive product fulfillment and shipping department within your business. With most products you have to package and ship a product, you have to manage ordering duties and follow through.

With an ebook sale you simply rely on a data download that is managed instantaneously. Since this is true, the online sale of ebooks may not need a high conversion rate to remain a popular and profitable online business choice.

The amount of time you can invest in other endeavors can more than make up for a lower conversion rate.

The truth is many online businesses utilize ebook sales as a form of affiliate revenue. Many business owners report positive gains in ebook sales and the end result require even less involvement than standard affiliate programs. Why? Because you, as the business owner, can purchase and resell ebook titles for a complete in-house business that can provide substantial residual income and it doesn’t require working with a separate affiliate funding source.

When it comes to successful titles the truth is ebooks are specifically geared to caterer to niche markets in most cases. What this means for you is the potential to market your site to a very specific niche of online visitors. If you chose a niche ebook, you could potentially develop and market your website with highly specific keywords that can make your website very attractive to a motivated group of online visitors.

All arguments aside, the truth is ebooks ARE selling and their popularity continues to grow. The portability of ebooks makes this a business opportunity that will continue to find motivated buyers.