Eco Friendly Baby and Family Products

These minimize the impact on the environment and by taking actions such as recycling you can set a good precedent for the future generation. You can now buy most things in a ‘green’ version for babies including organic baby clothes. There is an increasing movement to return to the old days and use cloth nappies instead of the disposable ones which add to the land fills. Imagine how many of these nappies you can get through in the first years of the babies live? Hundreds if not thousands! Many of these cloth nappy companies are stating ease of use, financial benefits, less rubbish and the comfort of natural cloth over paper and gel against delicate skin as some of the many reasons for making this change. See the GuideMeGreen for companies that offer cloth nappies and other eco products for babies and the home.

I want to enable parents to choose and use products which will benefit baby and his or her family now and protect his / her future environment. GuideMeGreen is essentially a result of my own search for natural and eco-friendly products for my family and offers a service that makes it far easier for other parents to find the right products for them. I often receive requests from teenagers asking for ethical clothing shops and other products of interest them. If teenagers are interested, GuideMeGreen must be doing something right!