Edema once known as dropsy is an evident case of swelling of your organs or tissue due to collection of fluid. It mainly happens in the feet, ankles and legs because it is the most affected part due to gravity which is also known as peripheral edema which affects your face and hands too. There are two kinds of enema pitting edema and non-pitting edema. Pitting edema causes an indentation when you press your fingers on the swollen areas; non- pitting edema leaves no indentation. Women are more susceptible to this kind of condition in comparison to men.

It can be caused if you are sitting in one place for a long time and pressuring your legs. Consuming too much sodium further increases the problem. The water is retained due to diseases like congestive heart failure and hypertension. This overloading of the fluid makes the heart work more than its usual share. Consuming anti-inflammatories like prednisone also causes water retention. In general many people may already contain extra water which accumulates around thighs, buttocks, abdomen and lower extremities. These swellings are totally unaffected by exercise or diet. There are some natural products in the market which can help you with this condition to ease the pain and swelling.

Some symptoms which appear from nowhere are feeling of suffocation due to breathlessness, wheezing, restlessness and anxiety; cough accompanied with blood, sweating more than usual, pale skin, chest pain due to heart trouble. Symptoms which are gradually uncovered are difficulty in breathing due to lying flat, lack of sleep due to breathlessness and gaining good amount of weight over a period of time.

Home remedies for Edema

This home remedy is very good for pregnant ladies. You can introduce flax seeds in your daily diet. Grind and store these seeds and use it daily with any of your meals.

A good diet combined with equal amount of exercise can make things very easy for you. Include cucumber and watermelon in your daily diet for good dose of potassium.

Swimming is the best thing to do during such times.

Drink good amount of water as water helps in diluting the excess salt, which makes the removal of the salt much easier which leads to prevention of edema.

Keep sipping herbal tea at least three times a day, this too acts in the similar fashion like water – dilution.

Whenever you get time keep your feet elevated as one of the common reasons for water retention is gravity.

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