Edge To Edge Quilting: Enjoy A Different Design

There are many terms in quilting that many individuals may not be aware of unless they are actually an expert or have done their research in advance. One of these terms, for example, is edge-to edge quilting? It refers to the idea of one pattern literally going from edge to edge. There are repeated patterns that go from one edge to the other, whether that is up and down or top to bottom. There may be one pattern in edge to edge quilting or several, but the pattern dictates the term is applied regardless.

There are distinct aesthetic values attached to edge to edge quilting but there are also problems associated with achieving that effect. It is difficult to achieve the edge to edge quilting effect via hand quilting. It is much easier to achieve it with a machine because a machine can be set to repeat specific patterns. It is virtually impossible to achieve the same results with hand sewing because you cannot repeat the exact same pattern several times. Spacing and ordering are vital and thus a machine would be perfect to achieve the effect.

Edge to edge quilting usually incorporates the same patterns on the front and the back of the quilt in question. However, it is possible to have the lower side as a solid block of colour to break the pattern up if it is particularly intricate. It is common for a quilting expert to work from the top of a quilt to the bottom with the same pattern being used.

Edge To Edge Quilting With Colours And Design

Edge to edge quilting is fantastic for those who are just beginning to learn the basics of quilting. This is largely because the same pattern is used throughout. There is usually only one or two designs incorporated onto the one quilt. This helps those with only a rudimentary working knowledge of the quilting practices employed by various individuals. Edge to edge quilting looks more balanced than trying to place odd designs here and there or space a motif out equally. Those methods of quilting are best left to the experts.

You should only use one colour of thread to sew all edges together in edge to edge quilting because different colours can upset that balance of the quilt. You absolutely need to put this tip into practice with edge to edge quilting because it will also simplify the process for you. The thread can also be used for extra decoration if the colours of the material and thread are different but compliment each other. This type of aesthetic appeal should be taken into account when doing edge to edge quilting because the finished product will be dramatically enhanced as a result.

Hand quilting is one of the most pleasurable experiences you will have via a hobby. If you have the patience to see it through and actually make the quilt then you will find that you enjoy making it and using it afterwards. Hand quilting can really be rewarding if you late it be. However, you should look for hints and tips as to how to make the quilt because they could save you time, effort and money. There are more than enough about for hand quilting. Just enjoy it and then relax on your home made quilt!