Edward Scissorhands Tickets

Edward Scissorhands tickets are a chance to see a cult film classic live and in-person, and the play is garnering the same positive reviews as the original film. The story is unique in that it’s a modern-day fairy tale and fable, although the “vibe” given off by the production is one of a classic and timeless fantasy-driven story from a time long-past. Below is a closer look at the play and what you can expect with when you secure Edward Scissorhands tickets.

About the Story

The story of Edward Scissorhands is one of trial, turbulence, mystery and acceptance. The main character, Edward, was created by an eccentric inventor who died before he finished “building” Edward. As a result, Edward is left with two sets of scissors for hands, and given that his creator has passed on, Edward is forced to make his own way in the world.

Edward winds up in an almost mystical type of suburbia, as the tone in the play is much like the original movie, in that it’s dark and very gothic in nature, which belies the “perfect” suburban life that surrounds the mood. Edward is initially met with a lot of resistance from the townspeople, as most of them are afraid of this “freak.”

As it turns out, Edward is actually a sensitive, caring and gentle creature, and he wins the favor of a few people when they discover that he’s got a very kind heart. The rest of the story develops the characters and shows how Edward manages, by simply being himself, to win the townsfolk over after a series of potentially diabolical conflicts.

The message delivered is a timeless theme – never judge a book by its cover, and give everyone a chance, as you never know where you may find friendship and a beautiful soul. It’s a touching and sometimes-humorous play, and one that the whole family can appreciate.

Production History
The original story was written by Tim Burton and Caroline Thompson, and was released in movie theaters in 1990. The movie was highly-successful, and the original story is loosely-based on previous works that include Frankenstein, Beauty and the Beast and The Phantom of the Opera, among others.

The current production is headed by Matthew Bourne, and he is well-known in theater circles for his works with such productions as Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. The play manages to capture the same eerie, surreal feel as the film, and Bourne is a master at setting the tone early for the audience.

Whether you saw the original movie or not, Edward Scissorhands tickets will treat the whole family to a night and a story to remember.