Edwards Work Wear

Edwards Work Wear is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to uniforms at work. They have a big catalog of clothes for almost any kind of workplace environment, especially in the catering and the sports industry. Apart from that, Edwards Work Wear has uniforms for security personnel, casual workwear and even corporate work uniforms. Edwards Garments are perfect for the front of the house uniforms to the back of the house uniforms. The front of the house includes your reception personnel and the back of the house are all the busboys, maintenance staff and everyone in between.

The prime USP of Edwards Work Wear is its large list of chef uniforms, including the coats, pants, vests and the unique headgear chefs wear, known as toques. If you are looking for a complete chef uniform ensemble, then Edwards Work Wear is the place to go. The jackets are double-breasted that you can wear inside out or outside in, whichever way you choose. There are knoblike buttons to help fasten the jacket better. White looks best for chef uniforms. Be as dignified in your work kitchen as you like with the most pristine shades on offer from Edwards Work Wear. You can complement these jackets with cargo-fit baggy pants, or with drawstring pants, whatever you feel best.

Whether it is traditional chef hats you are looking for, or for beanies or skull caps, Edwards Work Wear has it for you. The toques have elastic bands to fit on the head, which prevent sweat – which is unavoidable in the hot kitchens – from running onto the face. If you like a beanie or a skull cap instead, you can get the snuggest fit for your head, which will prevent stray hairs from falling into your dishes and spoiling your reputation. And, did we say, these work hats really make you look chic and the latest fashion?

Edwards Work Wear is also the place to go if you are looking for casual workwear. Here you will find short-sleeved and full-sleeved cotton work shirts, and shirts with other synthetic materials that will retain their sheen wash after wash. There is a range of trousers here. You will find the popular wrinkle-free trousers that maintain their creases even after long hours of work. You do not have to look elsewhere for your workwear accessories too. Edwards Workwear has real chamois leather belts, work shoes, neckties and formal ties, and other things that you can use to make yourself more comfortable at work. In short, Edwards Work Wear is the place to go if you are looking for smart and trendy work apparel for yourself.

Currently Edwards Work Wear is available through online retailers at discounted rates, from anywhere between 10% and 20%. You can check out the various designs they have. You can find their traditionally popular designs as well as some daring new styles, if you are up to it. You can even get the Edwards garments customized for you in the way you want – embroidering, adding silk screens, adding pockets and other accessories, all for a very attractive low price.