Effective Preselling through Increasing Website Conversion

If your Website is primarily aimed at preselling products and services, you should aim to get a higher conversion rate. Internet marketers should know first and foremost the principles and strategies in attaining good conversion. Conversion rate is the ratio of actual sales against the overall number of Website visitors within a specific period.

For example, if your site had 5,000 unique visitors in a month and 125 of those guests purchased the products you presell, the conversion rate could be computed by getting the percentage. In this case, the conversion rate is 2.5%, which is healthy and ideal based on current online marketing standards.

Thus, you need to aim to increase your Website conversion rate if you want to actually enhance sales and generate more leads than ever before. Adopt several strategies to boost Website conversion. Take note that there is actually no need to invest in costly and fancy tools and equipment. These simple and manual techniques most of the time work wonders.

• Optimize your online site so it could load more quickly. Most Internet users are impatient and are not willing to wait for sites to download. Do not assume that online users are all using DSL or broadband connection. There are still many who are using 56k dial-up connections.

• Put the best products and services up front. If there are too many clicks needed in a Web page, chances are greater that abandon rates could be higher. When preselling, highlight ‘featured products,’ ‘most recommended,’ ‘specials’ and ‘best sellers’ so customers could easily find the most impressive goods and services.

• Do not hide important information. As much as possible, make the most significant messages the banners or headliners. Online users usually scroll down for content, but information found on top of pages is usually retained more in their memory. If you are preselling a product, make the offer direct but in a creative way.

• Put the best offers that customers will surely not be able to easily refuse. Free shipping on specific orders is usually the best offer there could be. Highlight the offer so online readers will be persuaded. Promote your site and company’s best features like reliable customer service, assured product quality and reasonable prices.

• Circulate newsletters that are distributed through email. It has been proven that online consumers are most of the time convinced to buy products advertised through newsletters.

• Solicit customer reviews, testimonials, consumer reports and trade reviews. These are good promotional materials that could persuade other online readers to buy products and services through your Website.

• Strategize through online ‘eyeflow.’ Several research initiatives have found that online visitors usually scan first the upper left area. Next, readers check out the center page, then the left hand part. Right-hand columns are usually ignored. Use this information when you layout Web pages. You know where to put your ads, reminders and sales copies.

• Feature good marketing videos. To ensure Web based videos could be effective, hire the services of a professional video service provider and patent pending system. Videos are known to boost conversion rates by first increasing traffic. However, there is a need to make videos really work; therefore, it is important to employ professional video services, especially if you are new to effective Internet marketing and preselling.