Efficient Way To Personal Growth

There is a way to grow and expand and resolve issues on your mind that is simple, efficient and relatively unknown.

This way will hardly take a moment out of your day. I can personally vouch for the fact that what tends to occur is above and beyond many ways I know for creating excellence, happiness and peace of mind.

Let me begin by painting a picture for you.

Imagine that there is an issue or decision that you want to resolve (you may like to actually think of one).

Now this issue may have been on your mind for sometime, or it might have come up today, but you’re pulling yourself left one moment and right the next and are unsure what to do.

Maybe a friend has advised you and you still don’t know the answer. Maybe you go to see a psychic in the hope they will tell you the out outcome.

You can go on like this for days, weeks and maybe even months or years, but what I’m going to tell you about is an efficient process that can help you. What’s more you can do it while you’re asleep.

We’ve all heard the expression, ‘Let me sleep on it.’ This saying has more wisdom in it than you might know. What’s been lost is the method. So I’m going to share it with you.

All your problems, issues and decisions occur in your ‘conscious’ daily life. The solutions are all in the ‘unconscious’ or higher self.

In order for you to access this there is a very simple technique which I’ve listed below this article under tips on today’s subject.

Although this process is kind of a ‘one a day process’, if you follow the wisdom that comes to you overnight, you’ll find life transforming comfortably in a direction you’ll enjoy.

One of the things to be aware of is that the dreams you have seem to answer the questions you raise before falling asleep.

On one occasion I was worried about the outcome of something. The impression the dream left on me was that there was nothing to be concerned about and I was just to sit back and wait.

Another dream told me to sit and wait for a time and I would be taken on a journey of new possibilities. 48 hours later that’s exactly what happened. I sat in a meeting with a man who unexpectedly told me what I needed to know.

Concerned about a family member I was reassured and asked to be still and calm and be consistent.

The list goes on. But I can assure you the energy of resolving decisions and issues in this way is more efficient than pulling your hair out.

Tips on this subject…

1. What question do you want help answering?

2. As you as falling asleep repeat the question slowly, over and over until you fall asleep. When you do this you take your conscious problem into the unconscious mind.

3. When you wake recall the dream and the feeling you have on waking.

4. You should now have the answer you need. If not repeat this the next night and ask for more clarity on the question.

With love and good wishes