First Yoga Experience

Every day folks are questioning their careers. They wonder if they’re in the right profession or not. I’m not going to lie; I do this as well. More importantly, my wife does it all the time. I’m talking daily. From where I’m standing, that’s not a good thing. This is why I encourage her to pursue other career options. What she needs is a change of scenery. Maybe it’s time to go back to college and acquire that teaching degree, become a marine biologist, or just attain some yoga teacher training. Anything but what she doing now. Personally, I’m all for the yoga thing. This way she could teach me at home.

I received my very first yoga experience a few months back. It was at our local YMCA. Hey, before you diss our YMCA, you should know that it’s the largest one in the country. Now I have to admit that I used to pick on and joke about the YMCA. I always considered it a cheesy family workout center. Well, it actually is, but the YMCA we have is phenomenal. It certainly changed my viewpoint. The place has 8 swimming pools. It’s really quite awesome. Anyway, I decided to sit in on a yoga class. You know, to see what it’s all about. I must admit I liked it. The class had me wondering what it would take to acquire some yoga teacher training. Maybe I should teach yoga for a living. They can’t be doing too awful bad. I saw the teacher pull out of the parking lot in a 2006 Lexus SUV. That’s reassuring. But seriously, imagine that you received yoga teacher training, and began teaching a class such as this. How hard could your day possibly be? You go into the YMCA or where ever it is you’re teaching, you guide a group of people through a standard yoga routine for about an hour and then what? Maybe you have 3 or 4 classes each day. That’s easy! What is that compared to the standard 8 hour a day work-week? The more I ponder this option, the more ideal it sounds.

So, are you getting tired of your hectic career and cramped cubicle? Hey, join the club. My wife can definitely relate to this burden. I’ve got to get her some yoga teacher training and fast. Once she’s in there and teaching, maybe I can then get a free membership to the YMCA.