grandfather clocks

Among the most revered of all clocks are the majestic grandfather clocks that have been seen throughout older homes and also in places of high regal nature. These clocks have been replicated, but the replicas lack the history that has made the antique grandfather clocks so respected in most circles. These have been something that has been sought after by many collectors and people that have a strong attraction to antiques.

Many people have associated them with a link to their ancestors and this creates a desire to have one in their homes. They may have heard one of these antique grandfather clocks chiming the hours away when they visited their grandparents as a child. Owning one allows them to constantly relive those childhood memories.

One of the areas that most people don’t think about when they get one is that they have special needs. They need to be wound up or have their chains pulled to keep the clock running. Some antique grandfather clocks that have been allowed to stop are a challenge to get the pendulum started as they are so old that the gears are tight.

Many that are still in use have usually been in a family for generations and are a reflection of the heritage of the people within the family. There are some people that have never gotten used to the ticking of the clock or the constant chiming that comes with one of these clocks. They tend to have their antique grandfather clocks at the opposite end of the house from the bedrooms to help make it possible for them to sleep.

This is something that many of the people of old may have been wise to as the most popular place for the clocks tended to be in the parlor or some form of formal room on the ground floor while the bedrooms were usually in the upper levels of the homes. This was not always the case, but many times this was the goal that was strived for when there was one of these antique grandfather clocks within the home.

Some individuals have held onto these huge pendulum clocks, yet have had to pay a pretty penny to have them moved and to be preserved. Many times a special person must be contacted to have the antique grandfather clocks maintained to help ensure that they are kept running and in a good state of condition.

Whether you have one in your home is strictly a matter of personal preference. What some families have done with antique grandfather clocks they have inherited is to display them without having them operational. This saves them having to worry about the noise or the cost of maintenance while allowing them the joy of sharing the beauty with their guests. It’s a great compromise that is ideal for some.