Hatha Yoga Certification Home Study

So you’ve decided to be a yoga instructor yet you don’t actually have the time to attend weeks or months of yoga trainings, or spend free time away from family and obligations, or you may simply be burdened with the requirement of paying a fairly large amount for the certification class.

Many aspiring yoga practitioners have found this to be a daunting hindrance to their goals and dreams of becoming a certified yoga teacher; however, Hatha yoga certification home study program has met the needs of a lot of hopeful yoga practitioners. Additionally, through today’s Internet technology, online training programs from yoga instructors are now readily available as well.

Hatha yoga certification home study lessons have existed for quite some time now, as the financial burden and inconvenience of “flying-off” to one part of the world just to get specialized training and certification for yoga teachers has become somewhat an unattractive option for a lot of yoga practitioners. So the solution has become Hatha Yoga certification home study lessons, which are of course far more suitable and sensible.

So what does a yoga practitioner need to look for in a Hatha yoga certification home study? There are some basic things that should be present in a Hatha yoga certification home study, one of which is a minimum of two-hundred hours of study, which is the generally granted minimum prerequisite for the majority of certification organizations for yoga teachers. Another important factor is that the study should include comprehensive teachings such as chakras, bandhas, mudras, kriyas, doshas, meditation, asanas, Pranayama, contraindications, modifications, the subtle body, anatomy, and physiology.

These days, the DVD has also become the most common international video format for yoga home studies, so videos for yoga certification are usually contained in DVD format as well; in some cases where one had a yoga teacher in his or her previous yoga class, can always turn to them for guidance if DVD video lessons become a somewhat challenging task. Being a former yoga student is also an advantage as one is able to easily grasp concepts demonstrated in yoga certification videos, allowing a smoother process in the home study certification lessons.

Finally, there should be aptitude of being able to turn in given written assignments on- time through emails, as it helps in speeding-up the process of one’s yoga instructor certification, as well as assists in getting phone or email tutoring. Choosing Hatha Yoga certification home study is generally convenient for a lot of people, but becoming certified still lies within every home study student.