Hip Hop Chat

We have a New Chat System for Hip Hop Chat Lovers and more.
You can talk about Hip Hop in our Group on Facebook.
Talk in the Chat to all other Users about Music in the Styles of Rap, Black, RNB or any other Style or Topic.

Visit the HasenChat Community Chat Room. This is part of our Facebook Group. You can find the Chat on the Left Site in the Menu.


You only neat a Facebook Account and you neat to be a Member of the Group. But you can read all Posts witout a Submit to the Group.
The Chat use the Facebook Group Messenger.
So you dont neat to Download any Software for the Browser Chat. For a Mobile Chat you only neat the Facebook Messenger App.

More about Black Music and Rap you can find here:

Visit us on Spotify and Stream this Album for Free

HasenChat Music – Rap and Hip Hop Episode 10

HasenChat Music – Rap and Hip Hop Episode 10

Take Hip Hop and Rap to the Next Level with this Female Rap Song.

HasenChat Music – Hip Hop Levels

Have Fun with the HasenChat Music Hip Hop Chat

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